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insides gutted getting ready to put extreme dynamat:

insides.jpg (1078174 bytes)     insides2.jpg (1141847 bytes)   all the wires down:  back with wires.jpg (1203511 bytes)

dynamat down:

dyanamat front.jpg (1315874 bytes)  dynamat back.jpg (1359212 bytes)  dynamat door.jpg (1244613 bytes) trunk dynamat.jpg (1300772 bytes) dynamatlid.jpg (1267461 bytes)


speaker.jpg (1201536 bytes) kicker800.jpg (901678 bytes)   kicker300.jpg (1126735 bytes) fuseholder.jpg (1201417 bytes) underhoodstero.jpg (1181241 bytes)


more pics of actual install:


basedown.jpg (1051667 bytes)  basecarpet.jpg (1191168 bytes) amps mounted.jpg (1112899 bytes) floor mounted.jpg (898594 bytes) boxmounted.jpg (1055036 bytes)

rtframewithcapbox.jpg (943429 bytes) leftframework.jpg (1033079 bytes)  rt mesh.jpg (1055134 bytes)  leftmesh.jpg (934000 bytes)  backmesh.jpg (1097329 bytes)

switches.jpg (925225 bytes)


here are the final pics:

finaltrunkup.jpg (3585386 bytes)  final2.jpg (3343241 bytes)  glasscloseup.jpg (3713851 bytes)


some of the lights blew out during the wiring of the additional it all had to come apart to get back to the lights in the floor....but this time we cut out a piece of the  floor with removable joints to be ready if the problem ever arose again:


holefloor.jpg (1097842 bytes)


picture of the mustang glass with the neons on at night...


neons.jpg (4272319 bytes)








UPDATED February 9, 2009



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