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North Carolina shows click here


Here are some pics from Kentucky car shows:  


McDonald's Cruise In, Sept. 20th:

mcd2.jpg (1220296 bytes)  mcd1.jpg (1267359 bytes)


Boonesboro, Oct 11th and 12th:

day 1:

zaino.jpg (1219763 bytes)  boones1.jpg (1234248 bytes)  boones1b.jpg (1295119 bytes)

day 2:

boones2.jpg (1262343 bytes)  boones2b.jpg (1198590 bytes)


Cruise In Downtown Georgetown, Oct. 18th:

gtown1.jpg (1021153 bytes)  gtown2.jpg (1076664 bytes)


Sonic In Nicholasville, Oct 25th:

sonic.jpg (716424 bytes)  awardssonic.jpg (922914 bytes)


Halloween Show, Oct 25th:

hallow1.jpg (1030137 bytes)  trunkhallow.jpg (1173595 bytes)


my setup at beattyville, ky Oct. 26th:

wheel off.jpg (1041292 bytes)  wheeloffb.jpg (1227528 bytes)    rightsidebeattyville.jpg (919954 bytes)


best of show trophy:              and a pic of the general awards:

  trophy.jpg (953938 bytes)                           awards.jpg (1010567 bytes)



Sonic in Nicholasville Nov 15th   Won manager's choice


2ndsonic1.jpg (101958 bytes)  2ndsonic2.jpg (87543 bytes)  Nov15winners.jpg (110352 bytes)



Lexington Christmas parade Dec 6th:

parade1.jpg (105425 bytes)   parade2.jpg (102387 bytes)  parade3.jpg (104908 bytes)



Lexington Civic Center Jan 10th and 11th: (newest trophy on the far left)

IMG_0421.JPG (270595 bytes)  IMG_0427.JPG (261499 bytes)

Georgetown April 3rd:

057.jpg (535294 bytes)

won jack squat


St. Patrick's day parade march 13th:

parade 3_13_04 019.jpg (490961 bytes) parade 3_13_04 020.jpg (512073 bytes) parade 3_13_04 023.jpg (556074 bytes)


Mustang 40th anniversary in Nashville, TN April 15-18th:

mustang 40th 040.jpg (230792 bytes)  mustang 40th 336.jpg (279291 bytes)  mustang 40th 332.jpg (264117 bytes)  mustang 40th 334.jpg (271476 bytes)  mustang 40th 335.jpg (231989 bytes)  

mustang 40th 300.jpg (260576 bytes)  mustang 40th 303.jpg (286234 bytes)  mustang 40th 301.jpg (247056 bytes)  mustang 40th 302.jpg (261338 bytes)  


this is maybe 1/4 of the cars that were there:

mustang 40th 168.jpg (341813 bytes) 

I am in the middle here to the right of the people walking on the left:

mustang 40th 164.jpg (310129 bytes)

and the award:

40thplaque.jpg (413948 bytes)



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