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Here are some body pictures:.

 rightfrontnewestclean.jpg (1005000 bytes)         frontnewestclean.jpg (926278 bytes)        leftfrontcleanest.jpg (948706 bytes)    rearcleanest.jpg (967643 bytes)

 sideexhaust.jpg (1784202 bytes)


40a.jpg (538172 bytes)  40b.jpg (502526 bytes)  40c.jpg (435902 bytes)  40d.jpg (494089 bytes)

some pics showing the width of the rear tires:


reartirefull.jpg (196081 bytes)  reartire.jpg (169688 bytes)



powder coated parts:

powder.jpg (217828 bytes)

miscellaneous pics:

face.jpg (36218 bytes)                 radio.jpg (54584 bytes)                  

carbon fiber taillights with the outer part painted to match my car:

taillights.jpg (1127259 bytes) 



 seats.jpg (1122544 bytes)

hood and front bumper going on:

newhood copy.jpg (160816 bytes)         





UPDATED February 9, 2009



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