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                here is a pic from ft. bliss in el paso at the shooting range: (qualified as expert too!)   range.jpg (118750 bytes)


plane ride overseas (how many times do you see this???)

flight.jpg (122369 bytes)

here are some pictures so far from Iraq:


plane ride into Iraq:   plane.jpg (159720 bytes)


the mosque at camp anaconda:  mosque.jpg (63342 bytes)


who I am with:  257.jpg (138103 bytes)








tons of blackhawks lined up ready to go:  birdsinarow.jpg (89866 bytes)

some chinooks lined up: chinook.jpg (72920 bytes)


me on the left, taking a blackhawk to baghdad:  onblackhawk.jpg (158304 bytes)

 Saddam's palace in Baghdad: palace2.jpg (229018 bytes)  side view:  palace.jpg (154569 bytes)

looking out the front of the palace: whatsaddamsaw.jpg (167059 bytes)  arial: palacearial.jpg (78481 bytes)


One of Saddam's other palaces, this one on the other side of Baghdad: palacevic.jpg (182171 bytes)


me inside the palace:  throne.jpg (226787 bytes)


outside entrance:  vicpalout.jpg (185014 bytes) entranceway:  outent.jpg (171660 bytes)

meeting room:  meetingtable.jpg (202726 bytes) another: vicpalace3.jpg (166259 bytes)


some blown up buildings: blownbuilding.jpg (122422 bytes) (probably saw this building on CNN during "shock and awe")

and another: blown2.jpg (185302 bytes)  repub.jpg (173088 bytes)  arial rep.jpg (95307 bytes) outside.jpg (176605 bytes)  left.jpg (165775 bytes) right.jpg (205155 bytes) under.jpg (179419 bytes)  

me inside the one above:  insidebldg.jpg (191743 bytes) chair.jpg (305265 bytes)  wood room.jpg (183124 bytes) mebatten.jpg (216183 bytes) battenelev.jpg (208020 bytes)

some more from inside there: insidebldg2.jpg (248136 bytes)  insidebldg3.jpg (188702 bytes) destruction.jpg (287085 bytes)  arena des.jpg (169891 bytes) stairs.jpg (150545 bytes)  big stairs.jpg (229344 bytes)

the armored bus (the "rhino")rhino.jpg (130216 bytes)

inside the rhino with an "escort" in front: insiderhino.jpg (131713 bytes)

no messing around anywhere over here: force.jpg (128263 bytes)

you have to laugh at them: divlobe.jpg (193610 bytes)

the bartering shops in town: shops.jpg (222384 bytes)  misc market pics after the bombing: wide market.jpg (256600 bytes) dvds.jpg (286779 bytes)

what the market is now: shopsnow.jpg (174840 bytes)

aerial shot before the suicide bomber and after:  shopbeforec.jpg (183753 bytes)  shopafter.jpg (186904 bytes)

pic of the actual hole made by the bomb:  bomb hole.jpg (311294 bytes)  


owner of the shop where the bomb went off:  owner.jpg (211120 bytes)


me on a hummer with a 50 cal machine gun: meonhummer.jpg (130950 bytes)


me on a M1 Abrams:  metank.jpg (218381 bytes)

pic of a chinook with the cross sabres on the left, and tomb of the unknown soldier on the right: chinookair.jpg (57370 bytes)


next to a small mortar hole on a rooftop: morter.jpg (251212 bytes)  shrapnel holes from that blast:  shrapnel.jpg (166083 bytes)


random pics: post.jpg (221037 bytes)


the hospital I work in:  hospital.jpg (163769 bytes)


me in the clinic (actually Saddam's old dental clinic, where I work):  meinclinic.jpg (160870 bytes)


and another hard at work:  mereading.jpg (143998 bytes)


working even harder:  sleep.jpg (139571 bytes)


other doc, assistant, commander, and me: comm.jpg (176319 bytes)


even over here you can't speed: speed.jpg (206471 bytes)


me with the country singer Chely Wright who gave a free concert here: chely wright 053.jpg (118521 bytes)

with rob schneider, who came with wayne newton and neal mccoy:  schneider.jpg (189643 bytes)

Rumsfeld and Gen Casey when visiting on Dec 24th: rumsfcasey.jpg (138229 bytes)  rums.jpg (168919 bytes)


the hardest wisdom tooth I ever took out, with 4 (very curved!) roots! teeth.jpg (188704 bytes) 

yes, it does get cold here! sleet.jpg (201323 bytes)


me in front of the cafe that was blown up by a suicide bomber:  cafeblown.jpg (192742 bytes)


inside the arena in the cross sabres, where saddam used to stand:  platform.jpg (86437 bytes)

outside pic of the arena (in the pic above, I am right in the middle of this) :  arena.jpg (115615 bytes)


Teaching a group of Iraqi National Guard with another doc (and translator): teaching.jpg (166262 bytes)

flossing demo: readytofloss.jpg (184517 bytes) flossing.jpg (163371 bytes) group pic: group.jpg (184077 bytes)

in front of an iraqi ambulance: iraqiambulance.jpg (155550 bytes)


with some cool weapons:    an australian "steyr" steyer.jpg (147399 bytes)

and my "godfather" pose with an ak47 and an uzi: godfather.jpg (138198 bytes)

with an M16 with a custom scope: m16scope.jpg (182566 bytes)  and a grenade: m16grenade.jpg (192531 bytes)  grenade.jpg (182172 bytes)


Christmas dinner with some friends: christmas.jpg (221199 bytes)



some random sunrise: sunrise.jpg (105032 bytes)   

and sunset pics:  sunset.jpg (90968 bytes)  sunset2.jpg (175019 bytes)  




leaving the green zone on a blackhawk to balad Jan 8th: leavinggreen.jpg (427515 bytes)

SUPER COLD tents we stayed in while in Balad: tentbalad.jpg (561929 bytes)

Leaving Balad to get to Kuwait: planehome.jpg (238118 bytes)

all the docs in our unit: alldocs.jpg (203555 bytes)


stopping in Ireland on the way back to the States: ireland.jpg (177773 bytes)



Got to the USA on Jan 17th, and back to NC on the 21st!


spent 145 days overseas





Reset Sept 23, 2004