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NEW PICS OF THE HOUSE (set to close may 21st)



exterior front shot best.jpg (327336 bytes) exterior front entire.jpg (323148 bytes)exterior front side.jpg (321733 bytes) exterior front side 2.jpg (294010 bytes) exterior landscaping.jpg (203315 bytes) exterior front close.jpg (174097 bytes)

exterior entrance into drive.jpg (200097 bytes) exterior cul de sac.jpg (295574 bytes) exterior road.jpg (225643 bytes) exterior back.jpg (357693 bytes) exterior back yard.jpg (389526 bytes)

exterior dog door.jpg (186749 bytes) exterior rear.jpg (303253 bytes) exterior side 2.jpg (328578 bytes) exterior side.jpg (307143 bytes)


living room:entrance into living room.jpg (217525 bytes) living room.jpg (206541 bytes)   living room into kitchen.jpg (188127 bytes)

into the kitchen:living room into kitchen 2.jpg (163271 bytes) kitchen.jpg (205103 bytes) kitchen 2.jpg (197895 bytes) kitchen 3.jpg (211378 bytes) kitchen 4.jpg (232099 bytes)

kitchen cabinets.jpg (219285 bytes) kitchen cabinets 2.jpg (149560 bytes)

In the garage (kitchen entrance on the left)

 inside garage.jpg (181927 bytes) garage doggie door.jpg (108219 bytes) shelving.jpg (245542 bytes)

from the kitchen back into living room:

kitchen into living room.jpg (146932 bytes)

living room back into spare bedrooms:

living room 2.jpg (182176 bytes) living room 3.jpg (179631 bytes)

spare bedrooms:

 spare bed 1 shot 2.jpg (202571 bytes) spare bedroom 2.jpg (232750 bytes) spare bath tile.jpg (167774 bytes)

living room to entrance of house and into master bedroom:

living room to entrance.jpg (157908 bytes) master bedroom.jpg (210442 bytes) master bath.jpg (172619 bytes) master bath 2.jpg (147137 bytes) master bath tile.jpg (139646 bytes)