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                 some random funny things I have come across:





pic0415.jpg (20748 bytes)  great newspaper clip

pic0569.jpg (45714 bytes)  what everyone who has a cat needs

pic0626.jpg (90494 bytes) none of the lines are actually moving

pricelessterrorist.JPG (61283 bytes)  just great

 if only: wifes guide.jpg (79684 bytes)


rice goggles:



phoneheadset.jpg (87051 bytes)



where was david when we needed him::::?

katrina618vq.jpg (181074 bytes)


bunny.jpg (84986 bytes)


type r lawnmower.jpg (81977 bytes)


great spoiler:  

spoiler.jpg (103609 bytes)


dogs.jpg (45648 bytes)


deer.jpg (59221 bytes)


fro hat.jpg (34585 bytes)

really funny blonde video

anti-piracy.jpg (51544 bytes)