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Welcome to our 2 new additions: Brandon Michael and Connor Arden:

They were born on January 30th, in the 32nd week of pregnancy.

Kate right before surgery:

jan 30th 004.jpg (186439 bytes)       jan 30th 003.jpg (146128 bytes)


Connor was born at 0454.  He weighed 4 lbs 1 oz, 16.5"

jan 30th 013.jpg (164812 bytes)jan 30th 016.jpg (169019 bytes)jan 30th 017.jpg (144286 bytes)jan 30th 018.jpg (147611 bytes)jan 30th 019.jpg (145543 bytes)

jan 30th 034.jpg (174877 bytes)

jan 31st 017.jpg (149051 bytes)jan 31st 029.jpg (144618 bytes)jan 31st 037.jpg (187823 bytes)jan 31st 042.jpg (174978 bytes)jan 041.jpg (313007 bytes)

jan 31st 045.jpg (219486 bytes) = looking good so far

feb 1st 007.jpg (139470 bytes)feb 1st 008.jpg (178929 bytes)feb 3rd 025.jpg (121495 bytes)feb 3rd 030.jpg (133598 bytes)feb 4th 052.jpg (178577 bytes)

feb 9th 001.jpg (120400 bytes)

Bottle Feeding for the first time:

Feb 8th 020.jpg (176798 bytes)Feb 8th 021.jpg (176040 bytes)

Weigh and Bath time:

feb 9th 010.jpg (161123 bytes)feb 9th 011.jpg (164966 bytes)feb 9th 013.jpg (157240 bytes)feb 9th 021.jpg (134057 bytes)feb 9th 022.jpg (133282 bytes)

Feb 10th 032.jpg (154860 bytes)

feb 11th 014.jpg (146619 bytes) burp time: feb 18th 002.jpg (127425 bytes)feb 18th 086.jpg (145998 bytes)feb 18th 104.jpg (173351 bytes)

Ready to eat:  feb 22nd 008.jpg (174065 bytes)

feb 24th 009.jpg (124044 bytes)


Brandon was born shortly thereafter, also at 0454 and weighed 3 lbs 10 1/4 oz, 16.5"

jan 30th 006.jpg (205684 bytes)jan 30th 011.jpg (144465 bytes)jan 30th 029.jpg (163320 bytes)jan 30th 030.jpg (168460 bytes)jan 30th 033.jpg (175659 bytes)

jan 31st 025.jpg (166311 bytes)jan 31st 026.jpg (148244 bytes)

Feb 2nd, Brandon is removed from the oxygen hood and placed on a nasal cannula at room concentration O2:

jan 047.jpg (277535 bytes)

Feb 3rd, holding Brandon for the first time:

feb 3rd 003.jpg (175392 bytes)feb 3rd 006.jpg (172705 bytes)feb 3rd 014.jpg (160057 bytes)feb 3rd 016.jpg (183373 bytes)

feb 9th 008.jpg (141254 bytes)Feb 10th 001.jpg (180774 bytes)

footprint time:feb 11th 008.jpg (173428 bytes)

feb 17th 023.jpg (138848 bytes)finally in a crib:feb 17th 025.jpg (162839 bytes)feb 18th 046.jpg (133703 bytes) weigh time:  feb 18th 052.jpg (166331 bytes)

big boy bath time:feb 18th 061.jpg (155399 bytes) in a outfit a little too big for him now:feb 18th 067.jpg (175551 bytes)

all dry:feb 18th 068.jpg (155408 bytes)feb 18th 070.jpg (156012 bytes)feb 18th 074.jpg (151003 bytes) burp time:feb 18th 089.jpg (138675 bytes)

time for sleep after eating: feb 18th 090.jpg (229883 bytes)

feb 19th 007.jpg (150545 bytes)feb 19th 008.jpg (156536 bytes)feb 19th 010.jpg (135809 bytes)



Some pics together:

feb 22nd 020.jpg (173084 bytes)feb 22nd 029.jpg (153256 bytes)

Lil Paratrooper pics:

feb 24th 008.jpg (152157 bytes)feb 24th 022.jpg (161460 bytes)


Kate "warming up" afterwards:

jan 30th 026.jpg (181523 bytes)


Connor and Brandon have a message for everyone who says 32 weeks is too early:

feb 6th.jpg (158835 bytes)   feb 5th 027.jpg (129070 bytes)