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Recent pictures:


Brandon coming home on March 1st:

Mar 1st 002.jpg (197423 bytes)Mar 1st 012.jpg (200819 bytes)Mar 1st 017.jpg (222801 bytes)Mar 1st 021.jpg (203221 bytes)Mar 1st 026.jpg (201882 bytes)Mar 1st 027.jpg (163708 bytes)


March 18th 004.jpg (190002 bytes)March 18th 006.jpg (198238 bytes)March 18th 007.jpg (163519 bytes)March 19th 021.jpg (199299 bytes)


No more pictures!!

March 19th 024.jpg (206490 bytes)

March 20th 002.jpg (180509 bytes)March 20th 005.jpg (203437 bytes)March 20th 008.jpg (183859 bytes)March 21st 001.jpg (156754 bytes)

March 23rd 027.jpg (158850 bytes)March 24th 030.jpg (209531 bytes)March 24th 042.jpg (146400 bytes)March 26th 051.jpg (168812 bytes)

March 27th 052.jpg (145725 bytes)March 28th 057.jpg (168980 bytes)

March 29th 001.jpg (444420 bytes)April 29th 042.jpg (370887 bytes)April 29th 056.jpg (403821 bytes)April 30th 071.jpg (408352 bytes)


Connor and Brandon together:

April 5th 022.jpg (473776 bytes)April 5th 074.jpg (412453 bytes)April 5th 032 cropped.jpg (451260 bytes)april 16th 021.jpg (506277 bytes)April 8th final picture.jpg (228424 bytes)April 22nd 04.jpg (433924 bytes)April 30th 094.jpg (445254 bytes)

Newer Connor Pics:

april 11th 008.jpg (708764 bytes)april 16th 015.jpg (439973 bytes)

April 29th 033.jpg (375429 bytes)April 29th 034.jpg (415715 bytes) April 29th 039.jpg (468675 bytes)may 2nd 011.jpg (414342 bytes)

Couldn't pick just one smiling I had to put a bunch up:


may 2nd 012.jpg (305444 bytes)May 4th 014.jpg (340375 bytes) May 4th 015.jpg (352798 bytes)May 4th 017.jpg (361894 bytes)


may 2nd 024.jpg (323095 bytes)May 3rd 007.jpg (395584 bytes)May 24th 003.jpg (397211 bytes)May 24th 007.jpg (375011 bytes)


playing together:

May 19th 012.jpg (424507 bytes)May 20th 024.jpg (474118 bytes)May 22nd 036.jpg (509110 bytes)May 24th 011.jpg (287165 bytes)

May 22nd 003.jpg (446322 bytes)