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Well whats London like?London City is a pretty good place with lots of hussle and bussle.Over half of the worlds top 500 businesses have offices here incl Boeing, Sun and Merryl Lynch. A lot of the city is under construction with plans for Heathrow terminal five, new railway lines and loads of new buildings. London is not so big on skyscrapers though there are some new one's going up. If you need a map click here! 192 is a really useful number here which puts you through to enquirie's where you can ask for any number. I like the markets in Camden the westend nitelife sure is good in Soho.Regent's Park+Hyde Park are pleasant. Driving in London is really cool. The city also has lots of fantastic art works which are amazing like Tate Modern. There are huge free partie's outside in the summer that are totally excellent.Yo-Belows on Poland Street Soho, is free in before 11 with US Garage. The Intrepid fox is ok for a punk metal pub on 99 Wardour Street. I will reccomend going up Chaelsea and Fullham though a taxi is in order if you need to go home & you can't afford the 1000000 price tag for an house. The nite bus can be a laugh sometimes but you are better off in a cab. My wap page for taxis here My photos of Anastasia came through though the Bond Premier proved a bit much for my disposable camera & I was left with just a dim pic of Halle Berry & the bond car

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Anastasia at virgin Oxford St
Waterloo Station advertising dali
Horse Guards Avenue
Bombers fly over the river Beautiful pic of the river
Soho Xmas decorations

Here is a pic of Soho @ Xmas

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