7 INCIDENTS ON Philly Heat 4

Video by Greg Masi

Scene 1  Jan 10, 2009   Old York Rd. & Conlyn St.    7 Alarms
This was the Conlyn Apartments. It took the Philadelphia Fire Dept.
6 Hours before this fire was placed under control.

Scene 2    Feb. 20, 2009  Lorreto & Princeton Ave.    All Hands
This fire occurred in a plumbing & Heating Supplies contractor.

Scene 3    April 6, 2009  5th & Westmoreland St.    5 Alarms
This fire happened on the top floor of a factory that manufactured
lawn & outdoor furniture.

Scene 4    May 23, 2009  Frankford & Megaree St.    All Hands
Fire happened in a private dwelling in the rear garage, when a leaking
gas tank from a motorcycle came in contact with a hot water heater.

Scene 5    June 6, 2009  Bustelton & Bergen St.    2nd Alarm
This fire happened on a very hot day, 90 plus degrees,
in a dollar store. Fire started in the basement.
(Note at this same location back on May 16, 1976,
when four Philadelphia firefighters loss their lives at
the former Barson s Restaurant at this very same location.

Scene 6    Aug. 3, 2009  Germantown & Mt. Pleasant Ave.    2nd Alarm
This fire happened when a 150 year old mansion was struck by
lightning during a thunderstorm.

Scene 7    Aug. 14, 2009  Kensington & Indiana Ave.    2nd Alarm
This fire happened when a male who was being pursued by police ran
into this store that was a mini-supermarket and barricaded himself
in the basement. The male wanted by the police set a fire in the basement.
His body was recovered the next day.

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