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The True Blue
Freak Test!!!

Trust me, if you have done, or have thought about doing
anyone of these items than you pass the test!

  1. You have been to the Disney theme parks exactly 101 times, and
    now have to aim for another Disney number (20,000 sounds good!).

  2. You actually like to sing "It's a Small World" .

  3. You can sing "It's a Small World" in
    33 languages (you know who you are).

  4. You don't have any siblings or kids, but you are the first in
    line to see every Disney animated feature on the opening
    day, and then you search for a family with two small kids to
    sit by in the theater so no one suspects anything.

  5. You know which movie Disney plans to make next at least six
    months ahead of time, then you purposely go to Vons to look
    for that movie's advertisements on the check-out stand dividers
    so you can write down the opening date and clear your calender.

  6. Then, you ask the cashier if you can keep the
    grocery divider so you can hang it on you wall. 
    (Just in case you haven't done this yet, they always say no.)

  7. You go on E-Bay to check out the 32,687 Disney items for sale and
    end up getting into a bidding war over a 99 cent Tomorrowland pin.  
    Of course, you win the bid, but end up paying $2.50 more in shipping!

  8. You wait in the lines at Disneyland for up
    to 30 minutes to get Cinderella's autograph.

  9. You know that the sword in the stone can't be pulled
    out at Disneyland, but doggonit, ya' try anyway!

  10. You sing Disney songs at random, changing tunes at
    a  key word mentioned by an unsuspecting bystander.

  11. You quote lines from Disney animated features without
    realizing it, and then ask "Did I just say that out loud?"

  12. You're saving up to buy an authentic
    Disney costume for Halloween next year.

  13. You tried to bribe Cinderella into letting you have hers.

  14. You don't notice the heat in Walt Disney World.

  15. You don't notice the rain in Walt Disney World.

  16. You don't notice the kids dripping ice cream all over your sneakers.

  17. You plan to become a future CEO of Disney (Oh, maybe
    that's just me... Look out Michael Eisner, here I come!).

  18. You actually read this far - the true test of commitment!

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