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Cast List:


Voice provided by:                        
Pongo Rod Taylor
Cruella De Vil / Miss Birdwell Betty Lou Gerson
Perdita Cate Bauer, Lisa Daniels
Roger Radcliff Ben Wright (I)
Horace Badun / Inspector Craven Frederick Worlock
Anita Radcliff Lisa Davis (I)
Nanny / Queenie / Lucy Martha Wentworth
Colonel / Jasper Badun J. Pat O'Malley
Towser Tudor Owen
Quizmaster / Collie Tom Conway (I)
Danny George Pelling
The Captain Thurl Ravenscroft
Sergeant Tibs David Frankham
Television Announcer / Labrador Ramsay Hill
Princess Queenie Leonard
Duchess Marjorie Bennett
Rolly Barbara Beaird
Patch Mickey Maga
Penny Sandra Abbott
Lucky Mimi Gibson
Rover Barbara Luddy
Dirty Dawson Paul Frees
TV Commercial Singer Lucille Bliss

Cruella Deville

Music composed by M. Leven.
Lyrics written by M. Leven.
Adaptation by H. Lemarchand.

At first you think Cruella is a devil
After time has worn away the shock
You come to realize,
You've seen her kind of eyes
Watching you from underneath a rock
This vampire bat, this skins human beas
She should be locked up and never released
The world was such a wholesome place until
Cruella, Cruella Deville

Dalmatian Plantation

Music composed by M. Leven.
Lyrics written by M. Leven.

We'll have a Dalmatian Plantation
Where our population can roam
If this new location
Our whole aggregation
Will love our plantation home
Dalmatian Plantation home

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