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Welcome to the fan fic section of Everything Coyote Ugly. Pic a story below to start reading. Once again, if you have a story, send to with the subject header Coyote Ugly Fanfic. And don't forget to include it in the format seen below. Thanks!

Coyote Ugly Fiction

Coyote Ugly Crossover Fiction

Title: The Coyote And Ron
Author: Lindz Robinson
Rating: PG-13 for language, and the fact that Coyote Ugly was PG-13!
Category: Humor/Romance
Characters: Cammie, Lil, Lou, Jersey (Violet), Kevin (Mr. O'Donnell), Zoe, Rachel, Ron Weasley, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Lindz (Lindsay) Robinson, and a few Coyote Ugly regulars.
Summary: This is a Coyote Ugly/Harry Potter Crossover. Basically, the Harry Potter trio finds themselves in NY, and in Coyote Ugly. And when Ron falls for one of the girls, all hell beings to break loose.

Title: Coyote Ugly VS. Bring It On
Author: Lisa White
Category: Comedy
Characters: Rachel,Lil,Cammie,Zoe,Torrance,Missey,Courtney,Whitney

Summary: Rachel finds new employment because of rent.