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'The Newlyweds & Their Baby'

The Adventures of the Newlyweds and their Baby Snookums,

starring Sunny McKeen...

{Lawrence David McKeen, Jr.}

His long awaited...

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The world has forgotten one child movie star...

This page will attempt to reintroduce the world

to a once huge Hollywood child star!!!

During the latter part of the 1920's and the early 1930's

Stern Bros. Comedies and Universal Pictures put out,

what was called at that time, movie shorts.

Some of the more memorable movie shorts was 'The Little Rascals'.

Movie shorts were often shown

before the feature presentation right along with News Reels.

'The Newlyweds & Their Baby' was one of these movie shorts.

This particular movie short, unfortunately,

didn't make it into the Hollywood history books.

Baby Snookums', Sunny McKeen's, stage father was played by a

very young, no pun intended, Robert Young, as shown

holding him in this picture to the left.

Baby Snookums was such a phenomenal success that his name

became synonymous with any other character from the 'Little Rascals'

or for that matter even Charlie Chaplin!

Baby Snookums 'Sunny McKeen was, at that time,

typically an average American house hold name, second to none...

Although 'The Newlyweds & Their Baby' didn't make it into

the Hollywood history books, its certainly not to say that this

child star didn't move the entertainment industry, at that time!

No, just the contrary, Sunny McKeen was one of

Hollywood's biggest stars and definitely everyone's favorite celebrity!

Baby Snookums, during this time, was extremely popular

as you can see from these pictures...

Sunny was everyone's delight,

"He is one of the easiest child stars to work with...",

remarked Hal Roach, however Hal Roach was not his director...

It would seem that he would have a very bright future

as did other child stars, such as, Jackie Coogan and Robert Blake...

Sunny had a candy bar named after his character

and with his picture on it!

He definitely lived the high life

and he was richly paid for it, too.

Sunny McKeen was paid the very high price of one hundred dollars

for a days work, which at that time was a kings ransom!!!

Although it may appear that Sunny McKeen's life was very prestigious

it certainly didn't come without its physical and emotional price.

Sunny needed to take time off from the lime light

and just be a normal kid, if he didn't his glamorous life would have

been way too much for such a young child to endure.

Sunny was fortunate enough to enjoy spending time with

his family during his time off and just be a kid...

But when he was on the set he was a pleasure to be around.

Sunny had a tremendous amount of energy, especially for such a young actor.

He never complained about all of the exhaustive hours spent taking

directions from his director and working under the extremely hot stage lights!

He was a natural born actor.

Sunny actually enjoyed all of the publicity and traveling.

Universal really felt they had the biggest child star of the time, even over Shirley Temple!

Now the perplexing question...

Why did time forget this young super star of the silent movie era???

Why did most of Hal Roach's movie shorts make the grade,

to pass the test of time and 'The Newlyweds and Their Baby' didn't?

Well, it certainly wasn't because Sunny's movie shorts weren't

entertaining enough, no, the reason for this is because

the film of those times was very delicate and if it wasn't

contained in an air tight containment then the material

film was made of would decompose

and turn to dust, which was the fate of Sunny McKeen's films.

Hal Roach's films were maintained in

Universal's air tight vaults and periodically update with fresh new film,

whereas 'The Newlyweds & Their Baby' was not updated appropriately,

this was the fate of many great films.

So it would appear that all of 'The Newlyweds & Their Baby'

movie shorts were destroyed by time, nothing left to be enjoyed today,

that is with the exception of...
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