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ABL Characters Welcome to, A Bug's Muck!

The first and only MUCK themed on Disney/Pixar's full-length animated feature, A Bug's Life! A Bug's Muck allows players to participate in an enviroment suited to the miniature world dipicted in the movie. Become an ant and live amongst the Ant Island colony, explore the mysterious abandoned tunnels, and interact with Flik, Atta, and Dot! Or, become a 'tough bug' and live in the infamous, Bug City, where gangster grasshoppers lurk and where P.T. Flea's Circus is located on the outskirts. There are many other possibilites as well, choose from any species of insect, arthropod, arachnid...or anything creepy crawlie! On behalf of the wizard staff, we hope you enjoy this website and MUCK, also we look forward to your joining us!

To connect to 'A Bug's Muck' you can come through this telnet link or use your preferred mucking program with the following address: port 8081

Telnet to A Bug's Muck