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Quotes from the movies! And if there are any quotes you think should be listed but aren't, just zap-pad me.

"Girl of the 21st Century" quotes:

"They're as thermal as a band for 2025. They're so anti-matter you can actually understand their lyrics."-Leo on Microbe

"With you as a B.F. you should be happy I'm not dead from the stress."-Nebula when Zenon told her not to worry so much

"Well, avoid tornadoes, don't drink the water, and data-zap me everyday."-Nebula's advice for living on Earth

"Yeah, we just barter with moonrocks and Alien skulls."-Zenon after Greg told the lunch lady they don't use money in space

"Last time I tried to help you I nearly got whiplash from a verbal assult."-Greg

"Practically our whole Spay-Stay gym is made of bikes," falls off bike. "Did I mention those were stationary bikes?"-Zenon

"Stellar! Food gives a whole new meaning to 'o-ring'."-Zenon

"One more block and my butt's ready for the discard bin!"-Zenon on the back of the bike

"It was never you he liked, it was the car."-Mike to Margie about Greg

"Considering the melted hunk of junk that now sits where my computer used to be, I'm very sure."-Andrew after figuring out the disk on Zenon's earring contains a computer virus

"It wouldn't look good on you."-Zenon after Lutz asked for her earring

"Today's journey is one small step for Microbe, one giant leap for rock 'n Roll!"-Prota Zoa on going into space

"Good thing you can sing better than you play poker."-Zenon to Prota Zoa

"Zenon the Zequel" quotes:

"He dumped me. I mean it's not like I expected we'd be together forever. I'm not a moron major but He dumped ME! How is that possible"-Zenon we Greg dumped her

"Look, we may have reached a greater understanding after your heroics with Wyndam and Lutz, but I still have to maintain my authority around here. And Zenon, you emptied out my entire office. And I lost my favorite show."-Commander Plank

"None! Zip, zero, zilch. But I still have hope. Let's get real- to assume we are the only units in space? I mean, that's not only ludicrous that's so arrogant. I personally call it rudicrous." -Orion on getting no signals from aliens

"What if today's silence turns to tomorrow’s call from the void? No lie- just last week I uncovered evidence of a new planet that may have formed a mere 20 A.U. from Gamma Pictorous." -Orion

"Watching coal turn to diamonds would be more stimulating."-Zenon on working in the AP lab

"Just wonderful. You see this? This is how much authority I have around here. Hammond takes my office. And I, Commander Mop-And-Broom, gets to operate from a utility closet!"-Commander Plank

"I don't care if they think I'm a lunatic major. I heard what I heard and I can't change that. They can ridicule me and blame me, but I fully know I'm right about this."-Zenon

"Sure as I believe my name is Judy Kling. Which I do, most days."-Aunt Judy

"So what else is new? What I say this time?"-Margie

"As my manager you should understand better than anybody that someone as undeniably fantastic as me should be doing only undeniably fantastic things. So, after being the first rock legend in outerspace, what's left? What's next? Well I can't run for president, you have a silly rule about having to actually be born in America. And the Popes out, I heard you actually have to be a Catholic. So you see my dilemma Lester? If I can't find new heights to hit, then I'd rather be a Havana Cabana boy than be a burnout, sellout was once, isn't now but still fabulous looking rockstar."-Prota Zoa's message to his manager

"Plus I was a galaxy scout for a few years- I normally took one of daddy's soldiers along to do all the yucky stuff, but we're older now. And wiser, and fully ready to handle anything."-Margie

"I'm hot, I'm tired, and I've got all these icky pricker thingies in my ankles! I hate this! I hate it! If people were intended to be outdoors then they would've never invented houses."-Margie complaining

“Oy, oy, oy! Pack my space suit, all I need to know is when do we leave!"-Prota Zoa

"Zenon! I'm writing, I', actually writing! I haven't been able to scribble down a single note since I fell into my funk."-Prota Zoa

"Like my mom says: No fuel in the belly, no fire in the brain."-Zenon

"Outerspace is a pretty enormous expanse if I do recall. How are we supposed to have any idea where to hook up with them?"-Prota Zoa about meeting the aliens

"Mister, Zenon and I have been friends our whole lives, and I'm still way clear minor how she does anything."-Nebula

"I've seen luggage stores with less luggage."-Margie on all of Prota Zoa's luggage

"Let me remind you ladies, staying as fabulous looking as I am requires mega attention to detail."-Prota Zoa

"Cetus Lepedus, Aunt Judy, no ones told you yet? Okay, no reason to go into meltdown mode but- Plank got caught with the navigation charts, Hammond threw him into military jail, Hammond's going on the mega warpath, and if I'm wrong about this whole alien thing it could be disaster extreme. But, sweat minor Aunt Judy, 'cause I'm fully sure everything’s gonna be just fine."-Zenon's update to Aunt Judy

"Except for nearly clipping the research tower on takeoff, you're doing just fine."-Orion to Zenon's mom

"Come on folks, we can't die out here in space. I haven't released my greatest hits chip yet."-Prota Zoa

"I'm their idol I do suppose it's me they want to see. Madam... Sir... I bet you got a billion questions for me you little beasties! Well I'm here, and uh, I'm available for photographs, autographs, or simply standing here looking spectacular. Have at me darlings!"-Prota Zoa to the aliens

"It looks like a flying rainbow." -Lt. Hart about the alien spaceship

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