The Axe: The Story

Three killers lurk within a darkened room, waiting for their target to return home. When the unsuspecting victim opens the door, he and his companion are held at gunpoint and severely beatened by the trio; so severely that one of them dies while the other jumps to his death out the window. With his death hanging over their heads, the three men - Steele, the sadistic leader; Lomax, the nerveless triggerman; and Billy, the youngest and least prepaired to have just become a murderer - needs a place to hide out for awhile. Driving around the back roads of a rural eastern community, they spot a market where they can pick up some supplies for their time underground. Inside the store, they show their ugly side as they throw food at the helpless salesgirl, force her to undress, and finally place an apple on her head for target practice. Billy has been waiting for them in the car and becomes nervous about the gunfire he can hear from inside. Later on, they select an isolated old house to hole up in. It seems to be a farmhouse with little activity going on - a perfect place to avoid detection. They barge in and find a young girl, Lisa, and her grandfather who is paralyzed and spends his entire day in a wheelchair, unable to speak. The men make Lisa cook for them, and Lomax get's a great sense of sport by taunting the helpless old man. That night, Lomax is unable to sleep, because the sight of the young girl is too much for him. He sneaks out of his room and go's down the hall where Lisa is asleep. He then pounces on her and attempts to rape her. Dureing his attempt, he is unaware that she has reached into her drawer nearby and produced a long straight razor. Without hesitation, she brings it down on the back of his neck, severing it almost completely. Screaming and gurgling in pain, she rolls him off of her. Lisa drags his dead body into the bathroom where she pushes him into the tub. She seizes an axe from the wall and chops him up into little pieces. She loads the various pieces into a trunk and begins to push it down the hall when she is interrupted by Billy. He offers to help, and she gratefully allows him to help her get the trunk up to the attic. Steele begins to get nervous, now that it has become very quiet all of a sudden. He finds Lisa, but she only tells him the others have taken a walk. Thinking little of it, and realizing there are no witnesses around, he decides to get some action for himself. Finding Lisa in her grandfather's room, he attacks her, tearing off her clothes while the grandfather's hand trembles in awareness of what's happening to her, but knowing he can do nothing to stop it. Lisa reaches out and grasps the handle of the firewood axe, and she struggles to bring it high above his head. Then in one moment she brings it crashing down, splitting his skull. Steele slumps to the ground, and Lisa finishes him off with a few good whacks. Billy returns after Lisa has cleaned up the blood and removed the body, and he is disturbed by his missing friends. Lisa tells him not to worry and brings him a bowl of red soup, as she feeds the same to her grandfather. Billy looks around the room curiously, until his eyes rest on a small pool of blood on a log in the fireplace. As he watches, a drop falls into it, then another. He suddenly notices a man's ring in his bowl of red soup. He stands up just as the mutilated body of Steele falls from the chimney into plain view. Unable to believe his eyes, and unwilling to accept that these two people in the room with him were able to commit this attrocity, he runs screaming to the outside just as a police car pulls up. One of the officers recognizes Billy, and orders him to halt. When he doesn't, they shoot him. Upstairs Lisa continues to feed her grandfather the red soup, apparently unaware of what she has just done.

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