From the ORIGINAL PRESSBOOK from Boxoffice International Pictures:

Jack Canon plays the part of Steele in Boxoffice International's new thriller, "The Axe". Steele is one of three killers who are forced to hole out in an isolated farmhouse while the police are chasing them. Canon, who has numerous stage, television, and movie roles to his credit, found this role one of his most challenging. Used to playing the leading man, he was able to make the transition to the part of a gang leader easily. He notes that sequences of violent killing in the film, while strong in current mode explicit excitement, were done with taste. He is wondering what effect his new immage will have on his career. Leslie Lee looks like an average girl of thirteen until you see her as the frightening grown-up Lisa in "The Axe". The part of Lisa meant that little Leslie had to play the part of a lonely child who had to resort to the only weapon she could find to protect herself and her totally paralyzed grandfather against three armed killers in their isolated farmhouse. Leslie said she was just as frightned watching herself from the comfort of a Hollywood screening room, as she was acting the part. Fredrick R. Friedel exemplifies the new breed of motion picture artist who has taken on the enormous resonsibility of not only writing a script, but directing and acting in it too.

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