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Here are some links to places I like to go, or sites that relate to mine.  I'll add more as I think of 'em.

Florida Actor's Handbook.  If you are interested in getting into the acting business in Florida, you need to get this handbook.
Florida Bluesheet.  And, I'd also suggest subscribing to this bi-weekly publication.  Tells ya what's in the state (and region) filming and how to become a part of it.  Also, read the latest happenings of local me...or you!
Florida Motion Picture and Television Association.  If you work (or want to work) as talent or crew in the film and TV business in Florida, consider joining the FMPTA.  Guess what...the 10th Anniversary Edition of Edward Scissorhands is going to be released on DVD in September.  I obviously haven't seen it yet, but I think it contains the "Making of" special that aired on HBO.  I remember being interviewed and signing the release forms and all for it, but I didn't have HBO at the time and never saw it, but friends called me and said they saw me on it...
Screenwriters OnlineAn excellent site for budding or practicing screenwriters.  They also have online workshops which look interesting (I've never taken one, but they have some awesome guests).
UCLA Extension.  Onlinelearning's site for UCLA Extension and University of San Diego.  They have some excellent classes, and probably the best way for folks who live outside of L.A. to take real screenwriting, writing, and other industry-related classes classes from real industry professionals. 
Internet Movie Database.
Rick Hill.  A talented actor, writer and director (page by yours truly).  Check 'em out...

Seriously, I'll add more.  I just have to decide which to put up.