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Photo Album


Star Gallery

Here are some miscellaneous pictures, mostly just for fun.  To see pictures of me in selected productions, please visit my Film Gallery.

I attached a page to this one called the Star Gallery to put up pictures of my with various celebs (probably more fun to look at than just me), but in order to get this site up and running, I'll just throw a few up here for now and rearrange later...  (still not up yet, I know)

Anyway, from old to new...

Me with David Hasselhoff on the set of "Knight Rider" in 1982.  This picture appeared in Teen Beat Magazine along with a nice article (by me) and photo spread.  I have this here just because I am so proud I restored it.  I found this picture soggy and in pieces in the attic. 

David has always regretted not keeping in touch...

Here I am with J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of the series "Babylon 5," whose writing career I followed for years before B5 ever even came out.  Finally got to meet him a while back...

JMS breathing a sigh of releif that he beat me to the idea for B5

One of my resume shots.


A while back  I went to L.A. to visit with friends and hang with the stars.  Heh.  Here's me with my good friends from San Diego who came to stay with me, Jenn (who works in a similar TV job as I) and Jake (a Navy SEAL--can you tell?).

My best buds ever!  Who else would drive up to Lala land and hang with me?

Then I went back in September '01 (yep, who was smart enough to fly across the country on September 10th.  Things got interesting...).  Despite the sadness that week brought, I managed to visit some more great friends.

Here I am with Stephen Collins on the set of his series "7th Heaven."  Stephen is a wonderful actor and person.  The man really does give Hollywood a good name :)

Then it was off to hang with another actor buddy, Rick Hill (I also run his web site - see the links page).  Rick is also a way cool guy and always fun to hang out with in Marina Del Rey.




Here's me in my home office (taken by my son, who will soon be recruited by MTV as a videographer, since he's physically incapable of taking a picture with the camera steady and framed right....)

Messy picture, but it looks the most like me (I think).




More to come.  I know, you're holding your breath and everything.  But you'll just have to wait...