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Film Gallery



Me in TV and Movies 

I started off with a couple of older productions.  More recent gigs are at the end.  Updated last in May 2001.  I'm still working on more...

Edward Scissorhands

Here's me in "Edward Scissorhands."  It's not a great screen cap, so I circled myself.  The bigger the production, the harder to see me, eh?)  During most of the film I'm in a wacky wig (see following promo shot), but the barbeque scene below is about the only time I look like myself.  

 Yeah, Johnny, pretty lucky of you to be in a movie with me, huh? Broomhead.  Broomhead (photo by the very cool Zade Rosenthal)

Following is the best part of me being in this movie, the credits!  Made three months of running around in polyester worth it...

Me in the credits, me in the credits! (sorry, I still just get a big kick out of this.  Can you tell?).

(Tammy Boalo was my best acting friend at the time.  We also did "China Moon" together, but nothing can match those wild ES times... (Hi Tammy!)  Miriam Goodspeed is a real sweetheart who I've never lost touch with.  She is currently producing a feature, "Blood Warriors."  Go Miriam!  Annie Kidwell was also in this film.  She now edits FAB.)

It's Chemical

Anyway... speaking of credits, here's my first speaking credit.  It was in a series called "It's Chemical" (an instructional series teaching junior high kids chemistry).  I was a regular character named Alice (I played the main character in the pilot), who was a SCUBA-diving high school kid (I was in my twenties, actually, and my last name was Lockwood back then).  This was in 1987, so try not to be terribly underimpressed by the fancy font... :)

To the right is me making a fool out of myself in said series.

Kathy Lockwood is me.   They did NOT pay me enough for acting like this :)

Below left,  I perform one of many crazy experiments while saying impossible dialog (and scalding my hand while I'm at it).  On the right, I am roasting to death in winter clothes in the middle of the summer dropping ice into a guy's pool (demonstrating density or something...)

 And this is how I say my lines and burn four of my fingers clear off at the same time...  Me in the summer with a winter coat on.  Just like Scissorhands only without a set nurse.

Talked into live TV for the sake of PBS... (hey, it's a good cause

This is me with my co-host, singer Daniel O'Donnell.  He was the star guest in the studio while his concert was run as a fund raiser.  He's a very cool guy, extremely down-to-earth.



 CPE Review

On the set of the monthly newsmagazine CPE Review  as the News in Practice Reporter (actress who reads teleprompter).

Me gettin' ready to read the teleprompter like a madman.  Met gettin' ready for my night of reading stuff I have no understanding of...


More Later...

There will be more pictures soon, once I get a chance to capture them.  Next up, more CPE Network, a recent commercial, and working the set of Camp Guide...