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Josh Hartnett As Michael Fitzgerald

Selma Blair is Nan, a New York teen who wakes up alone in a seedy motel and recalls the previous night's dispiriting events on the subway ride home: a heated argument between her parents, a drunken party, a one-night-stand with a hunky boy (Josh Hartnett), and ultimately a betrayal. Despite these tribulations, she can still picture a future where she will be strong, confident, and free.
Cinematographer: Byron Shah Director: Mollie Jones Editor: Mollie Jones Principal Cast: Josh Hartnett, Selma Blair Writer: Mollie Jones
Best Cinematography, Carolina Film and Video Festival Nomination, Best Short Film, Deauville American Film Festival Special Jury Award and Youth Jury Award, Molodist Kiev International Film Festival Kodak Award, New York Expo of Short Films
Mollie Jones spent her formative years in Toledo, Ohio, before heading to New York to study philosophy and art history at Columbia University. After earning her BA, she spent a year learning Polish at Jagiellonian University in Krakow. In addition to working in the Warsaw division of the McCann-Erickson advertising agency, she served as an assistant costume designer on Steven Spielberg's Oscar-winning Schindler's List, which was filmed in Poland. She eventually returned to the United States to study filmmaking at USC, where she completed Debutante. Jones earned her MFA in Film Production in 1999.
Jones directed the short Invisible for the Partnership for a Drug Free America. The five-minute film, which centers on a talented up-and-coming artist with a heroin addiction, won the Face of Drugs award at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.
When Selma Blair starred in Debutante in 1997, she was just two years away from her big break in Cruel Intentions. Look for her in Legally Blonde with her Cruel co-star Reese Witherspoon and in director Todd Solondz's next project. Josh Hartnett followed up Debutante with the hit horror flick Halloween: H20. Since then, he's starred in The Faculty, The Virgin Suicides, and Here on Earth. He's also headlining (along with Ben Affleck) the big-budget, Michael Bay-directed war pic Pearl Harbor. In the future, he'll go celibate for the Lent-inspired comedy 40 Days and 40 Nights and Shakespearean for O, a modern retelling of Othello.
Festival Screenings
American Cinematheque's Alternative Screen, Los Angeles Camerimage-International Film Festival of the Art of Cinematography, Poland Carolina Film and Video Festival Central Florida Film and Video Festival CinemaTexas Deauville American Film Festival Houston WorldFest KCET-TV's Fine Cut: A Festival of Student Film, Los Angeles Los Angeles Independent Film Festival Mill Valley Film Festival Molodist Kiev International Film Festival Montreal Festival of New Cinema and New Media New York Women's Film Festival New York Expo of Short Films Palm Springs International Short Film Festival Telluride Film Festival
Cinematographer Byron Shah directed The Mischievous Ravi.
The soundtrack to Debutante includes songs by Cibo Matto, Wreckage, Inc., and Him.