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Building a Johnny 5 Robot (J5R project)

Why to make a J5 robot?

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Concept Image No.1 by Syd Mead

Concept Image No.2 By Syd Mead

I started this page with the only intention of creating a site dedicated to the generation, interchange, submition of ideas related to the construction of a J5 Robot Replica.

It is difficult to get 1.2 million if you are an amateur robotist, but the intention of this page is to reduce this cost to only some hundreds ( we have to be real about costs) and bring to life the personality of our most beloved robot : J5.

My name is Uber Mendez, you can contact me via e-mail (bottom) and I am graduated from University with the Electronics Engineer Degree. I have been working with robotics since I was a kid, my first attemp was to build an R2D2, but years later I saw the SHORT CIRCUIT Movie. This gave a twist to my inspiration, every since then I have been dedicated to the pursuit of the Artificial Inteligence as it is reflected in this movie. I have these feelings that make me walk this way. J5 represents the culmination of robotics :Emulation of life.

This page will include pictures, drawings, schematics of many kind (electrical, mechanical, etc.) regarding robotics but always focused on J5; this will also give you good hints about other projects you dear reader may have on your own, just as I do.

I am a great believer that the combined efforts of many can result in a faster reaching of this goal of mine that i want to be yours too, to create an inteligent robot just like J5.

Do not hesitate a single second to let me know your ideas, comments, suggestions and every other apportation that you might want to do. All them are welcome.

At last but not least : Thanks for visiting my page, add this link to yours and don't forget to sign my guestbook, it will be my honor to have your name in there !!!



In just a little more time, The new page improved and superb !!!

I would like to appreciate all the contributions to my special friend from Canada : Joseť Millette. You have been such a wonderful help!

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