Monera Monster

Height: 65 Meters (educated guess)

Weight: 55,000 Tons (educated guess)

Regular Abilities: claw slashing, tail bashing, body slamming, can survive in outer space

Special Abilities: fire-blast stream from mouth, flight capability

Weakness: none known


Film Appearances: Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna (1998)


History: the preliminary attack by the Monera aliens was to send this unnamed giant monster to Earth. Intercepted by the Super G.U.T.S. when it was near the moon, and after being blasted a few times the monster crashed to the surface of the moon. It then fought Ultraman Dyna to a standstill, and was vaporized by the Promedius aerial battleship.


Fighting Power: ****

A fairly standard monster with your prerequisite beam weapon and ability to fly around. Although somewhat generic, it did put up a good fight with Ultraman Dyna and some have argued that Dyna would have lost if it wasnít for the assistance from the Promedius (Dyna himself disagrees). Although not the biggest or best weapon in the Monera arsenal, this is still a surprisingly powerful monster that holds itís own pretty well.

Queen Monera

Height: 190 Meters (educated guess)

Weight: indeterminable

Regular Abilities: ten wrapping/bashing/slashing tentacles aboveground, numerous tentacles belowground, big teeth-lined jaws at top of head

Special Abilities: can fire a barrage of energy balls that causes a huge amount of destruction in a three kilometer radios, can drain the energy from anything trapped in the web-like sac


Film Appearances: Ultraman Tiga & Ultraman Dyna (1998)


History: After the destruction of the Death Facer at the hands of Ultraman Dyna, the Monera combined themselves with their living spaceship to form the massively huge Queen Monera. The Queen then captured Dyna and drained his light energy, effectively "killing" the Ultraman. However, Tiga returned to Earth and freed Dyna, giving some of his energy to Dyna to revitalize him. Working together with the help of the Super G.U.T.S., Queen Monera was eventually defeated.


Fighting Power: ****

Despite the huge size, Queen Monera really isnít all that powerful. It can barely move, making it a more-or-less a sitting duck for an Ultraman or two to blast away at it. Sure the tentacles are useful and powerful, but can be sliced off with very little effort. Still, the fact that it needed two Ultramen to take Queen Monera down does state that it is a very dangerous monster.