The Stay Puft Marshmallow Man

A.K.A.: Mr. Stay Puft, The Marshmallow Man

Height: 200 ft.?

Weight: Tons of marshmallow

Regular Abilities: stomping, bashing, catching on fire, covering things in molten marshmallow, getting laughed at

Special Abilities: none

Weakness: getting "roasted"

Film Appearances: "Ghostbusters" (1984)

History: An evil ancient thingy called Gozer came back to earth to destroy it's inhabitants and make it a ghost world. It asked the Ghostbusters to decide what form will destroy the world. Ray picked Mr. Stay Puft, the mascot for a brand of marshmallows. The result was a giant form of him attacking New York. Simply setting him on fire couldn't stop him, and so the Ghostbusters crossed their beams to attack the gateway to the underworld. It was destroyed, along with the Marshmallow Man.


Fighting Power: **

Well, he is made out of marshmallow. That can be an asset as well as a weakness. Attacks don't really hurt the fellow, either bouncing off or just getting stuck. If something attacked him, they would just get gunked up in goo. However, if he is set on fire, he will eventually burn to a crisp. It just takes a little time. He also can't attack very well; after all getting punched with a marshmallow hand won't hurt to bad. He can be taken lightly, because he is quite light for something so big. Even though he's not the most fearsome monster around, it still would be bad to have him trying to destroy the world.