A.K.A.: ‘ the Invincible, ‘ the Guardian of the Universe, Gammera, The Friend to Children Everywhere!

Height: Form 1: 60 meters

Form 2: 80 meters

Weight: Form 1: 80 tons

Form 2: 107 tons

Regular Abilities: claws, sharp teeth (tusks unusable), hard shell, can go in shell and roll around, retractable elbow spikes, healed by fire, water, electricity, any other form of non-organic and non-physical forms of energy, aura, physic energy, and children singing, retractable flippers (swims at 150 knots), can survive in a vacuum and underwater, retractable leg and arm jets, flight at mach 1 (jet mode), flight at mach 3 (flying saucer mode)

Special Abilities: steady stream of fire from mouth (form 1), fire balls from mouth (form 2, can do 3 before recharging), plasma energy beam (charged up from earth’s energy, most powerful Kaiju weapon in existence)

Weakness: Very cold temperatures


History: Form 1: Gamera is the last of an ancient species of giant turtles, he was in suspended animation, and was woke up in 1965 by atomic weapons. After a couple of years of crankiness, he then took it upon himself to save the world’s children. He did this for about 12 years, and became a kamikaze against a pirate space ship to save the world in 1980.

Form 2: An advanced, ancient people bioengineered Gamera to combat a race of bats known as Gyoas, which was also bioengineered by the same people. They were to late, and Gamera was put in suspended animation for 8000 years. Gamera was resurrected in 1995 when the Gyaos were to, and Gamera destroyed them for the next 4 years. He also fought some other earth-threatening monsters. His fate is unknown.

Fighting Power: *****

Gamera is very, very powerful. Using his fire breath, he can incinerate almost anything. He has a hard shell that can deflect almost anything. He also has a lot of sharp, close weapons, like those retractable elbow spikes, which can back off an enemy so he can hit it from a distance, where is real power lies. He can also fly around with those leg jets of his, and is good underwater to. However, he is rather slow (duh, he’s a turtle!). Also, if enemy attacks hit him anywhere but the back shell, he is hurt very badly (like all things in the Gamera series). Unlike Godzilla, he has to heal normally. Ironically, he gets hurt more than Godzilla. However, he makes up his weaknesses with very good fighting skill. He is a great, technical fighter with a lot of experience. Throughout his long career, he has never truly lost a battle. He always wins in the end, and always by death to the enemy. Noticeable power and a very good track record makes this one of the best Kaiju fighter. Everybody wants to see Gamera and Godzilla fight, and that’s because they are on an even basis.