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Who is Belladonna? She's the awesome evil sister of Annabelle that appears first in the All Dogs Go to Heaven Christmas Carol movie. Belladonna has always been my favorite character. I want to thank Aurora Fox and Jim Writh for helping me with all the HTML to make this site possible. Thank you for the animated GIFs, Aurora. I really appreciate your hard work and help!

When I saw the first movie of All Dogs Go To Heaven (ADGTH), I was so inspired by the animation and the film itself. I now have 2 copies of the first ADGTH movie, 1 copy of ADGTH2, and 1 copy of the ADChristmas Carol movie which stars Belladonna (YAY)! I never would have guessed that Annabelle had an evil sister. Annabelle is pretty cool too but her character isn't as lovable and realistic as Belladonna's character. I have tons of fanart I have done of Belladonna but I will have to get a scanner if I want any of it on the net. I have worked really hard on this page so it might take a while until the entire thing is finished. So please be patient with me. I'm a really lazy person!

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