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**Starz** TalkShow

"Ladies and Gentlemen, here is your hostess Ms. Linda McFattie!"

Hostess: Thank you! thank you! Well, everyone...welcome to the Starz Talk Show. I'm Linda McFattie and today I'll be talking to some of the most popular martial arts kids...come on in boys!

*Rocky walks in followed by Colt and Tum Tum. They sit down on the sofa.*

Hostess: I'm sure everyone remember these talented young men but...

Tum Tum: *interuppts* Actually we're boys, didn't you just say that?

Hostess: *looks embarrassed* Why, please let me continue...yeah, they are excellent at Ninja. *turns to the boys * Could you please tell me how you learnt this? did you go to karate classes?

Rocky: Well, it was our grandpa who taught us all this...he's a lot better than us!

Colt: *cuts in* But not as FAST as me, I mean I'm pretty good at this stuff.

Tum Tum: Stop showing off, Colt!

Rocky: *whispers to Tum* We're on live television!!!

Tum Tum: *frowns and stares at Colt*.

Hostess: *looks embarrassed AGAIN* Boys, can we continue now?

Rocky: Yeah, sorry.

Hostess: So can you tell me more about yourself...what are your names?

Rocky: I'm, Samuel.

Tum Tum : I'm Tum Tum!!!

Hostess: Say, that's a pretty funny name you've got there,Tum Tum. How come you're called that?

Colt: *looks offended* It's his Ninja name, ok!?

Hostess: Oh, well I'm sorry...I didn't know that. What's YOUR name then? *looks at Colt*

Colt: It's Colt.

Hostess: Well Colt, could you tell me how you got these names? surely you must have a real name?

Colt: Grandpa gave it to real name's Jeffrey.

Hostess: So is your grandpa very good at teaching Ninja?

Colt : Well, duh! of course he is otherwise I wouldn't be as good as him...probably even better!

Rocky: Colt, that's enough. Let me speak now.

Colt: Whatever....

Hostess: *ignores Colt and turns to the other ones* I guess you must have loads of girls chasing after you now when you're so FAMOUS!

Tum Tum: Girls!? eeeeeewwww....

Hostess: *laughs* so you're not really into girls?

Tum Tum: No way, kissing and all that stuff...yeeeuuuch!

Hostess: How about you...Samuel?

Rocky: Call me, well I better get to the point...

Hostess: *smiles* Well?

Rocky: I don't really think that much about the girls. It's nice and all that, but I don't have time for a girlfriend, I gotta keep my mind on other things like Ninja training and homework.

Hostess: Homework? well I guess you're a pretty good school boy. You, Colt?

Colt: *hasn't been paying attention* Huh? what?

Rocky: *nudges him* School!

Colt: SCHOOL??? Nah, I don't like school...I hate it so much that...blah blah blah, etc...

Hostess: *interuppts* Well, thank you Colt! Thank you very much for that...that talk! Now, are there any things you like doing in your free time?

Rocky: Playing video games.

Colt: ???

Tum Tum: I love C-A-N-D-Y!

Colt: *turns to hostess* He eats loads...he could eat a whole horse!!!

Tum Tum: Shut up, jerk! you're the one who's a horse coz you're called Colt!

Colt: Shut up yourself, spaz!

Tum Tum: No you, you...


Hostess: *looks relieved* Phew! well...what does Colt do?

Tum Tum: He moans the whole time...real annoying!

Rocky: He's my brother so I guess he can't be that bad...

Tum Tum: Give me a S-A-R-C-A-S-T-I-C! Sarcastic, that's what Colt is!

Rocky: Tum, do you actually know what that means?

Tum Tum: Well...

Rocky: Then don't bother saying it if you don't know.

Hostess: *frustrated* I guess we have to leave it from there...I hope you boys will visit us some other time because it was nice having you here. Ladies and Gentlemen; Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum!


Tum Tum: Can I say something before we go?

Hostess: Yes, what is it?

Tum Tum: We'll only come if you give us some free food next time...I mean that coffe wasn't real good, I hate coffe! Next time, throw in some donuts...right guys? *turns to his brothers*

Hostess: WHAT!??!!!

Colt: *turns to Rocky* Whatever...

Hostess: Now we really have to leave. See you next Saturday, 8.30! Byyyyyeeee!

Tum Tum: *walks off* Boo-hoo! I'm never gonna come on this show ever again! No food...I can't believe it!...