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Rocky: He's basically the leader, is the most sensible and mature of all the three of them. He's not to loud, and he comes up with good ideas. Rocky can be a bit bossy sometimes, but always for a good cause.
He's never the one who starts picking on one of his brothers. He thinks positive.
Colt: This is the middle kid. He's sarcastic most of the time and gets the blame for everything. Colt can be a bit of a show-off sometimes. Gets fired up very easily and wants to fight. He's stubborn, thinks of the bad side of things and often starts picking on his brothers, mostly Tum Tum coz he's younger.
Tum Tum: The youngest. Best way to describe him is that he eats a lot. Very small for his size, but pretty strong. He often repeats what his other brothers has just said. May look innocent at times, but enjoys beating up bigger guys. He likes annoying his brothers.


"I've got the whole situation under control" -Rocky.

"Why don't we just eat out way out of here!" (sarcastic) - Colt.

"But I haven't had my pizza yet!" - Tum Tum.