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Three Ninjas
So if you're clueless about this 3 Ninjas thing then this is a brief explanation. The 3 Ninjas is basically about 3 brothers who's learnt Ninja from their Japanese grandfather. The plots are mainly the same, the boys kick some bad guys' butts and save the day. Yeah, that's basically it!

3 Ninjas & 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up Quotes!

3 Ninjas (1992): This shows basically how the guys started out. While they're at their grandpa's, a guy who used to be his friend comes to visit...without them knowing anything about it. That guy's got loads of Ninjas with him who attack the boys and grandpa, but they take care of them! The bad guy offers grandpa loads of money if he gets rid of Sam Douglas (the boys' dad) who's in the FBI and has been chasing after him for a long time, without any luck. Grandpa says no and the guy leaves. The three Ninjas come home and finds their dad in a hurry. He gets pretty annoyed when he gets to know they've got new Ninja names...and leaves. Emily, Rocky's "girlfriend" comes and says hi, embarrassing Rocky saying his new name's cute! Then the boys kiss their mom hello and walk inside. The next night when they're alone in the house, three jerks working for the bad guy walks into the house and attacks the babysitter with a pizza and locks her in. Colt notices this and tells his brother. They fight the guys in many ways, and finds the babysitter...but when they look behind them there are many other baddies...uh-oh! They get taken away. Mr and Mrs Douglas come home finding their sons gone. Emily gives Mrs Douglas a note saying where the boys have been taken. Time for grandpa! He goes to look for the boys, they've been taken to some kind of ship full of Ninjas training. The boys who've been locked into a cell, find their way out...obviously, people attack them and they fight back. When they come to a certain point, grandpa's there...he jumps down and help them. Then that bad guy who they met earlier (the leader) says he'll fight grandpa and if grandpa loses, he'll die. If he wins, the boys will be free to go. Grandpa wins (obviously) and when the bad guy is about to shoot him, he gets shot himself by the FBI who's come to the rescue!!! Everything ends well with Mr Douglas actually calling his sons by their Ninja names, and making friends with Grandpa...then he takes them out for pizza! All happy now.
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995): This one's coming real soon....promise!

More stuff...

The first time you looked closely on the cover of 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up, you thought "Hey, is that really them? that doesn't look like Rocky, Colt or Tum Tum!", well the fact is that it's not Michael, Max and Chad on there. It's some other actors. I have no idea why, so don't ask me.

3 Ninjas Knuckle Up is actually the 2nd of the series (you probably would have guessed that by now) but ended up being released after 3 Ninjas Kick Back for some legal reasons (?) wonder Max Slade looks older in Kick Back!

There's pretty much bloopers in 3 Ninjas...check out the scene where Colt is sitting in his dad's chair, being real down and then mom comes in. When she walks away and closes the door you can see one of her earrings falling off!

The original ending of 3 Ninjas was cut off (nooo!). It is actually Rocky beating the bullies to win back his "girlfriend" Emily's bike back.

Even more 3 Ninja stuff...after Emily's bike has been taken by the bullies, you can see that it's another bike they've got coz her bike was bigger and had closely.

3 Ninjas was a huge hit...the same didn't go for the follow-up's, though.

In all the 3 Ninja movies, they seem to change Karate gear in every movie. In 3 Ninjas, the boys' personalized gear (green, blue, yellow) are shiny like silk and are white on the inside, in Knuckle Up they've gone for a more dull color and different material with black belts, in Kick Back their belts are the same color as their tops!

Max Slade changes his hairstyle in every movie! it varies from long to short. He's currently got long hair....

Michael Treanor's older sister appeared in 3 Ninjas and 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up. Chad Power's younger sister was also in Knuckle Up...I'm not absolutely sure but it can be that little girl with short brown hair in the pizza parlor who asks them "What are your names?".

That's all for now. More stuff coming soon!