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Max Elliott Slade

Max Elliott Slade

Max Elliott Slade was born on the 4th of July 1980 in Pasadena, CA.
He's got an older brother named Damien who also used to be an actor.
His parents' names are Betsy and John. Max's hair color is brown and
his eyes are hazel (not brown!). A while back, his favorite food was
pizza and hamburgers and his fave colors was black, red and blue.
Max started his acting career in the TV series Parenthood, but it was
not until 3 Ninjas where he became famous. The 3 Ninjas trilogy went
on and he was in 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up and even 3 Ninjas Kick Back.
It was in Apollo 13 where Max got a more serious role, even though it
wasn't that big and he only had one line, "It's my vacation, dad".
But what happened to him after that? Well, when Max was 16 he started
out in the rock band Haden (they hang around L.A and such), he has
said that his dream was to become a rock star. He's the lead singer
and guitarist of the band and he writes some of their songs, too.
Yes, Haden is a REAL rock band and not a boy band. I don't know if we
will ever see Max in any more movies and they're taking Haden very
seriously. You can also try e-mailing him at
This is not his personal e-mail, the band uses it together. Put his name
as the subject and they'll know it's for him! I've heard Max is pretty private
and stuff so you'll be real lucky if you get a reply at all! He's currently
studying at college (or so I've heard) so he's pretty busy I guess.

OY! Check out the pic above. It's hard to believe it's Max (but it is him!) if you compare it with
the other one on this page. Now who knew he was gonna be a rock star, then?

Apollo 13 (1995) ... Jay Lovell
3 Ninjas Knuckle Up (1995) ... Colt
The Sweeper (1995) ... young Mark
3 Ninjas Kick Back (1994) ... Colt
3 Ninjas (1992) ... Colt
Parenthood (1989) ... young Gil


He started playing the guitar at 8, getting his first one for his birthday.
- He's got the brown belt in karate, but no longer practices any kind
of martial arts.
- There's a story that says Max won over Michael in a fight coz Michael
slipped on his socks...!
- Got his middle name Elliott after the movie E.T, but no longer uses it.
- His favorite rock band is Metallica.
- According to Michael Treanor, Max needs to know when to give up!
- In high school, he was in the school's baseball and swimming team.