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by Emelie.

~Unlike my other fanfics, this one's laid out like a script...hope ya like it!~

Rocky, Colt and Tum Tum were riding their bikes home from school, just as usual.
Tum Tum: Did you hear about that guy, Mr Smith?
Colt: (sighs) Yeah, I heard he's filthy rich. Got a huge mansion and everything....
Rocky: Hey Colt, what's wrong? we've got everything we could wish for, right?
Colt: A million bucks wouldn't suit me wrong!
Rocky: (thinks for himself) Gee, Colt sure is greedy.
Tum Tum: A kid in my class knocked on his door as a joke and the man said "Get out of here you little brat!"
Colt: What happened after that?
Tum Tum: Oh, he just ran away! he was too freaked out!
Colt: Haha, I could do that without running away!
Tum Tum: I bet you can't!
Colt: Bet I can! you want me to show you?
Tum Tum: Yeah, go on!
Rocky: I don't think that's such a good idea. Let's just head our way home!
Tum Tum: No, I wanna watch Colt and see how he reacts. C'mon Rocky!
Rocky: Yeah yeah, fine. (follows his brothers).
They arrived by a big, white house. It looked pretty modern...even for such an old man!
Colt: So this is were he lives, right?
Tum Tum: Yeah, that's where he lives!
Rocky: Y'know, doesn't he have security guards or something?
Tum Tum: Nope, they're on vacation...hey Rocky, you don't happen to have any candy left?
Rocky: NOOOO!!!
Colt: Is the coast clear? should I go?
Tum: Yeah! you go, Colt!
Colt sneaked through the bushes and on to the grass. He looked through the windows to see if anyone
was there. No, at least it didn't look like it. He turned towards his brothers. Rocky looked unsure but Tum Tum
was smiling. Colt climbed the big steps which lead to a huge oak door, which was the front door.
He knocked four times. No answer. He knocked again. No answer. Colt was just about to leave when the door
opened. A man was there, and he didn't look too happy. This was Mr Smith.
Mr Smith: (very posh British accent) What are you doing here? this is my land, clear off!
Colt: (nervous) Um...but sir, I was just wondering if...
Mr Smith: If what? young man, stop wasting my time and tell me what you want!
Colt: (puts on a brave face) You're that man named Mr Smith, right?
Mr Smith: Yes, of course I tell me what you really came here for or I will have to call the police!
Colt: (thinks for himself) The cops!? this guy is crazy!!!
Mr Smith: Don't just stand there!
Colt: (sticks his tongue out) I think you suck big time you fat tub of lard!
Mr Smith who was of a very large size was outraged.
Mr Smith: How dare you! (slams the door in Colt's face).
Colt turned around and walked back to his brothers.
Tum Tum: Colt, that was awesome!
Colt: Yup, it sure was.
Rocky: Why d'you do that? we might get into trouble.
Colt: Well I don't care, I'm not scared of him!
Rocky: Let's go...before someone else does something stupid!
They went home. Mom was there and she was happy to see them.
Mom: You had a great day?
Tum Tum: Hey, you wouldn't guess what Colt did today, he...
Rocky: Sssch! (covers Tum Tum's mouth)
Mom: What did he do?
Colt: Um...I..I was pretty good in math today. That was all.
Mom: Oh...right.
Rocky dragged Tum Tum up the stairs and into their bedroom. Colt followed.
Tum Tum: Let go Rocky! (struggles his way free to get away from Rocky's grip).
Colt: Phew...
Rocky: Tum Tum, don't ever tell mom or dad about what Colt did! promise!
Tum Tum: Yeah right, I won't.
Colt: I wanna play a little trick on that old man. Got any good ideas, guys?
Rocky: What's the point? has he ever done anything to hurt you?
Colt: Whatever. Let's just think of something.
Rocky: (thinks for himself) He's just jealous of all the money he's got!
Tum Tum: How 'bout throwing piles of mud on his windows...or even better, dog poop!
Rocky: You're sick!
Colt: That'd be great but still, it's not so original. I wanna do something no one's ever done before.
Tum Tum: I've got a great idea...

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