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Immortal soul - PART 1.

by Emelie.

Well, another year's gone by. Rocky's gone even more serious and Tum's more grown up.
I guess that leaves me....oh well. I wanna tell you about last summer when me and my brothers...
um, my brothers and I spent our time at grandpa's, as usual. We were sitting in the kitchen eating
our breakfast when grandpa said he'd go get some more food (Tum Tum had eaten everything, obviously)
so off he went leaving us behind. We could take care of ourselves, so that wasn't a problem.
"What do you guys reckon we should do now?" said Tum Tum. I knew he'd have something crazy on
his mind.
"Nothing" said Rocky "let's just sit here 'til grandpa comes back".
"But I wanna have some cool adventures!" cried Tum Tum "how about we have an egg fight,
remember how it went last time, Colt?" he turned to me and smiled. Yeah, of course I remembered THAT!
I would never forget how I got soaked in egg yolks and whitesand got grounded by grandpa for two weeks. No pizza and no fun games for a whole two weeks! it was alright for Rocky and Tum, they always get away
with it. But anyways, let me continue...
"Whatever" I said "I really, really liked getting grounded, y'know"
"It was funny, haha. Why are you being sarcastic?" wondered Tum. I ignored that. We were silent but
suddenly Rocky started talking...again.
"Hey, how about we clean the place up. Grandpa would think that'd be real cool"
"Are you kidding? I'm not gonna do that!" I protested.
"I am!" said Tum Tum "maybe he'll forgive me for eating that chocolate cake he was gonna share out
to all of us".
"So what do you say, Colt?" asked Rocky.
"Tidying up sucks..." I began.
"Um...maybe he'll even give us some money for all the hard work" tried Rocky.
"Oh c'mon, grandpa never pays us!"
"How about a couple of weeks ago?"
"But that was nothing! it wasn't that much he gave me...I mean us"
"Yeah, but maybe it'll be more this time"
"Does that mean a YES, then?" said Rocky.
"Yeah". So we began tidying the place up. We started with the kitchen. Tum Tum was being annoying,
saying that if he didn't get more food soon, he'd have to lick the dinner plates (that weren't washed!)
to live. Rocky tried to calm him down, and I guess it worked. Rocky's good like that. We wondered what
was taking grandpa so long. He should've been there by now....but we went on to grandpa's room.
"You know we're not suppossed to mess with grandpa's stuff" warned Rocky "he'd go mad!".
"Who cares" I said "I don't think he'll notice". Rocky gave me a funny look.
"C'mon" frowned Tum Tum "are we just gonna stand here all day?"
"Well..." started Rocky.
"We'll clean the whole room out. Maybe we'll find something real cool!" I cried. Rocky sighed and
followed me into the room. I regret we did that, 'cause it wasn't such a good idea, but we didn't know
what was gonna happen. Rocky made the bed, Tum Tum cleared some other stuff out and I took care of
the books. There was lots of "How to be a good Ninja" and "Ninja teaching for kids" books around the place.
As I grabbed one of the books, a small note fell out. I didn't think much of it until I took a closer look at it.
The note was pretty small, it was all crumpled up and the edges were burnt.
"Hey guys! check this out!" I shouted, and Rocky and Tum Tum came to take a look.
"What's that?" cried Tum Tum "it's only a piece of paper!".
"Sssch!" said Rocky "what is it, Colt?"
"I dunno. Let's read it"
"I will" said Rocky "it looks so strange!". He read the note out loud, it said...

0' Lord of Death, make him rise.
Make him rise from where he is kept.
Make him rise from where he has been sealed.
Make him undying, make him powerful.
Release this spirit of the dead.

"Wooow! that's cool!" said Tum Tum after a long silence, "that's real cool!"
"What was that all about?" I wondered. Rocky's face had turned white.
"Guys...I don't think it was such a good idea to read that out" he whispered.
"Why?" Tum Tum wanted to know.
"I saw a similar verse in one of my books called Myths & Legends"
"Get real" I said "that verse sounds stupid, it's probably just from some kind of fairy tale!"
"But in the book it said that saying the verse out loud will do something...something bad"
"Like what?"
"Awake a spirit of the dead, I think"
"Haha, you must be kidding! that would never happen!"
"Hey, what are you guys talking about? I wanna know!" cried Tum.
"Um..." began Rocky "it was nothing".
"But Rocky!" I tugged him, "what if you're right!?" I suddenly thought of all the bad things that
could begin to happen. I didn't wanna admit it to myself, but Rocky could be right!
"We'll co check it out in the book. Stay here" he said. Sow we did. Rocky came back a couple
of minutes later.
"I've got it here" he said. I had goosebumps 'cause I didn't know what it was going to say.
Rocky had to look through the whole book, 'cause it had no glossary. He found it at last.
"Here it is...let's says that decades ago, people believed that the souls of dead
family and friends could be sealed in big jars"
"What? like the canopic jars they used in Egypt?" I said.
"Not excactly, but quite like that....anyways, they could not make the dead corpses come alive
"Like zombies?" wondered Tum Tum who'd been listening all along.
"No, but let me continue!" said Rocky, he seemed pretty annoyed. " yeah, where was I? ok, well
they wanted their spirits to watch over them and protect them from other evil spirits".
"Phew" I was relieved "that means if we just released a, won't be evil?"
"How can you be so sure about that?" said Rocky, he was worried. He explained more.
"There was also bad guys who liked to keep evil spirits to haunt their enemies...the good guys.
The evil spirits would do things like stealing money and messing up places".
"What if we just released an evil spirit! what the hell are we gonna do!!?" I yelled.
"Calm down Colt, we'll think of something. Everything's gonna be fine" said Rocky, but he didn't
look too sure.
"Boys! I'm home!" shouted a voice. It was grandpa.
"What took you so long, grandpa?" said Rocky.
"Yeah, what took you so long?" cried Tum Tum.
"Oh, just loads of traffic..." he said, and began unpacking things.
"I see you've been tidying the place up. Thanks for that!" he continued.
"Hey, we're not gonna tell grandpa about this, are we?" I whispered to Rocky.
"We'll see" said Rocky.
Grandpa went to his bedroom. He came back a couple of minutes later.
"WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING!?" he shouted. We were, scared.
"What?" I said, "what have we done?". Grandpa held up a green bottle. It looked just like any ordinary
bottle that beer comes in.
"Haha, no we haven't been drinking beer, grandpa!" laughed Tum Tum.
"Sorry, grandpa"
"Have you been opening this bottle?" he said, looking very serious.
"No...we haven't even seen it!" I said.
"Yeah" said Rocky "we really don't know what you're talking about".
"Aaaaargh!" said grandpa "Rocky, I thought at least YOU would admit!"
"But grandpa, I've never seen it"
"Then how come this bottle's been opened, huh?". We were quiet. Then grandpa's face froze in fear.
"You didn't enter my room, did you?"
"Well..." I began.
"We did grandpa. We did" said Rocky.
"Did you happen to go through my books...?", both Rocky and Tum Tum turned to me.
"Ye...yeah" I stammered.
"Did a piece of paper fall out from a book? did that piece of paper have some sort of verse on it?"
"DID YOU READ IT OUT LOUD!!!?", he grabbed my shoulders. I could see he was very angry!
"I didn't read it, Rocky did"
"Rocky, did you know what was gonna happen if you read it out?"
"No, grandpa. I'm sorry if something has..."
"AND IT HAS, I CAN TELL YOU THAT!". He stared wide-eyed at us.
"I've got some bad news" he continued, his voice had softened, "sit down and I'll tell you".

To be continued....part 2 is coming real soon!