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Deeply Taken
by Emelie.

This story has the original cast (Mike, Max and Chad).
Oh, and s'cuse my English... I am Swedish.

Colt sat staring out of the bedroom window. I was raining again.
He could hear his brothers messing around, but he didn't feel like joining them.
"Hey Colt! wanna come to the candy shop? Rocky's coming, too" said a voice, it was Tum Tum, his little brother.
"Naaah..." replied Colt. He didn't feel like eating candy today.
"What's wrong, Colt?" asked Rocky, who had come to see what was going on.
"Oh, nothing"
"This just isn't like him!" cried Tum Tum "I mean, how can you not wanna eat candy...?!". Colt stared hard at him
"Gimme a break, Tum!"
"What? I was only saying..."
"Shut up, you guys!" said Rocky, he turned to Colt "Do you wanna come or not?"
"I'm stayin' here".
Rocky and Tum Tum left without saying a word. Colt felt weird, this just wasn't like him. Something had struck his mind a couple of days ago, but he couldn't figure out what. It was something he usually didn't think of...but what?
He went to watch some TV, zapping between the channels. There wasn't anything particulary interesting to watch, and he soon fell alseep on the sofa.
Colt woke up by someone shaking him.
"Wake up, Colt!" said Rocky.
Colt opened his eyes, had he actually fallen asleep at this time of the day?
"Wh-aaat?" he yawned.
"Ooooh, did you have a sweet dream?" teased Tum Tum.
"Yeah, whatever" said Colt, sarcastically.
"You fell asleep?" asked Rocky.
"I bought a jumbo candy bar!" cried Tum Tum and held up something pink and white. Colt didn't bother listening to his brother going on about how he nearly got extra candy bars free of charge, he was too annoying. Fortunately, he soon left to meet up with a friend. Rocky and Colt were left sitting on the sofa, eating cheez doodles and watching some boring TV shows.
Colt just didn't feel like like himself today, and Rocky noticed this.
"What's up?" he asked.
"Oh c'mon, I know it's something"
"I told you it's nothing. Stop being such a pain in the butt"
"I was only trying to help" cried Rocky
"Then go help someone else!".
There was silence. Colt frowned and went upstairs. "Why am I acting like this?" he asked himself. He was about to know the answer pretty soon.

The next day the boys were on their way to school, riding their bikes as usual. Colt was going pretty slow, which was very unusual for him.
"Hurry up, Colt! we're gonna be late!" shouted Rocky
"He's daydreaming again, hehehe" laughed Tum Tum.
Colt started speeding up, even though he didn't want his brothers to ask him so many questions.
"Your're kinda slow today" commented Rocky "no offense or anything".
"So what?" said Colt
"There just must be somethin' wrong, we know that!" cried Tum Tum.
"Tell us" begged Rocky.
"Well I guess it's 'cause I've got Math today. It sucks big time" replied Colt, just saying it as an excuse. He didn't want them wondering too much.
"Yeah? what about it?" wondered Tum Tum.
"I just hate it, ok?! Do you have to know EVERYTHING!!?!" cried Colt.
Tum Tum and Rocky looked at each other.
"You're certainly the same" frowned Tum Tum.
They weren't late for school after all. Colt walked through the corridor. Loads of people said 'hi' to him, as he was pretty popular. The same usual people....but then he noticed something. A girl stood with her back towards him. Colt couldn't help staring at her beautiful, long brown hair. As he walked past her, a guy knocked him to the side so that he accidentally pushed the girl, dropping the books she was carrying.
"Gee, I'm so sorry" said Colt "I really didn't mean to do it". He was totally embarrassed. The girl turned around. Now, her face was a lot prettier than her hair. There was something special about those deep green eyes. Colt had noticed this girl before, and he'd always kinda liked her since then....
"I'ts ok" she said "You must be Jeffrey Douglas, right?
"Um yeah, that's me"
"Well then we must be in the same Math class. I changed my class 'cause it was kinda easy for me, you know?"
The girl blushed "I...didn't mean it that way. I'm not saying I'm real witty!".
Colt stared at her. She was smiling, but she looked like she was thinking about something else. She took a look at her watch.
"Ooops! gotta go now. I have to meet up with some friends" she said
"Well, I'll see ya later then", she turned and headed further down the corridor.
Then she stopped and turned towards him.
"I forgot to tell you...I'm Melissa" she shouted. Colt nodded and went to this first lesson. There was a tingling feeling in his stomach, and his head was kinda dizzy. He felt happy, had she actually talked to him...? She seemed to like him.
What if she actually.... Colt smiled to himself.
The lessons went by, and Colt actually had his Math lesson, which he had longed for all day 'cause that's when he would see Melissa again.
He was already sitting at the desk when she arrived. The first person she looked at was him. She went down and sat by him.
"Hi Jeffrey!" she said.
The teacher interuppted them.
"Chapter 8, pages 164-170" she shouted 'cause everyone was just in their own conversation.
Melissa was great at math, Colt noticed that. He was only on the first page when she had nearly finished. He was too scared to ask for help, 'cause he didn't want Melissa to think he was real dumb. She noticed that he was stuck on the first page, though.
"You need help?" she asked.
"Jeffrey, don't be embarrassed to say yes"
"I don't need any help, ok?"
"Are you sure?"
" need help, don't you?" Melissa tilted he head so sweetly that Colt could do nothing but tell the truth.
She helped him lots, though. He was soon finished. He couldn't thank her for helping him, that's just how he was like. He wanted to tell her, but he was just a bit of a wuss.

That night when the boys were lying in their beds, Rocky started the conversation.
"So how did it go at school, guys?"
"It was great!" cried Tum Tum "We had a science experiment, we tested out how many calories there are in different kinds of foods and we also got to taste the food!"
Colt was quiet... what was he to say? His brothers didn't have anything to do what he thought about GIRLS!\par
"Colt, how did it go for you? did you have a BAD day?" said Rocky
Bad!? Of course it wasn't bad sitting next to the prettiest girl ever....hehehe.
"It was ok".
Rocky turned off the lights, and everyone went to sleep...but Colt. He was still thinking about Melissa. Now he knew it!!! she was the reason for him feeling so strange the other day. Of course he'd been looking at her every day in's just that he hadn't admitted to himself he liked her...liked her a lot.
The next morning Colt looked forward for the day ahead...Melissa, obviously.
He had Math again, and she helped him. On his way to the next lesson Bob Jones caught up with him. Bob was always seen as the toughest guy in the year, and most kids were pretty scared of him.
"I see you've got something goin' with Melissa" he yelled.
"Y'know, we're ONLY friends"
"Good, 'cause then I can have her as my girlfriend"
Colt felt his forehead going hot, he felt like punching Bobbie. Melissa was HIS girl, NOT Bob's.
"Go ahead, Douglas!" he shouted "go ahead and try to kill me with your Ninja stuff! hahahahaha!!!" his laugh annoyed Colt even more. He kicked Bob in the stomach. Bob fell to the floor in pain. Some kids who had seen the whole thing had called for some teachers.
"Jeffrey Douglas! What's going on here!?" they shouted.
"Oooow! get that goddamn kid away from me!" screamed Bob.
"Ha! you don't look so hard now!" thought Colt.
Bob was dragged away to the school nurse while Colt was taken back to the principal's office.
"What on earth do you think you were doing, Mr Douglas?" he said.
"He deserved it" frowned Colt "he should've just kept his mouth shut".
"Do you know that you've broken one of the school rules!?" yelled the principal
"I don't tolerate the students getting beaten up".
Colt looked down. What else was he to say? He couldn't just say "I did it for a girl" 'cause then he'd feel real stupid.
"I shall have to speak to your parents" was the last thing the principal said.
On the way home Colt was looking gloomy faced.
"I heard you kicked that kid's butt!" laughed Tum Tum "You go, Colt!"
"Why'd you do it?" asked Rocky "can't you just handle your temper?"
"Don't give me such a hard time!" said Colt "I've had enough of this stuff".
They didn't speak much after that. When they came home Colt was still pretty upset. Mom and dad had spoken to him, and they seemed real angry.
Colt left without saying a word, maybe to get a slice of pizza or something.
He was sick of riding the bike, so he walked instead.
As he walked down the drive, he saw Melissa walk on the other side of the road.
Colt really didn't wanna speak to her now, but she had noticed him and ran up to him.
"Jeffrey, is it true that you beat up a kid at school today!?" she asked, her eyes wide-eyed. They looked more black than green now.
"Why do you wanna know?"
"Just tell me! is it true!?"
"I never thought you'd do that. Yeah, I know you do Ninja things and stuff like that but I never thought you'd beat up a guy without a good reason!"
"I have a good reason"
"Like what?"
"Not tellin' you"
Melissa got a frown on her face. Colt was beginning to get worried she had started hating him.
"Stop acting stupid!" she cried "Tell me now!"
Colt had to say this NOW, even though he didn't want to.
"What? me? you were fighting over me?"
Colt nodded. He was too scared to look into Melissa's eyes.
" like me then?" she said. Colt nodded. A big smile spread over Melissa's face, Colt didn't see this.
"I'll forgive you for kicking the guy but promise me this : don't do it again, ok?"
"Yeah....I guess I won't" said Colt.
Melissa leant over and kissed him. Colt was shocked, had she actually kissed him? He was embarrassed. Melissa looked him into the eyes.
"Y'know, I like you too..." she whispered. Colt didn't know WHAT to say.
"I'll see ya tomorrow, ok?" Melissa said.
"Ok then, bye...". She kissed him again. Colt felt weird, but really happy 'cause he knew he'd got what he wanted : his girlfriend Melissa.
Colt decided not to go for a pizza, but headed up his drive again.
"Woo-hoo! Colt and Melissa! Colt and Melissa!..." teased Tum Tum as Colt came through the door "I saw you two through the window...did you like the kiss? hehehehe!..."
"Shut up Tum!!!" yelled Colt "it's none of your business"
Rocky was there, too. As he was sensible and mature, he didn't make fun of Colt.
"When are you gonna see your new GIRLFRIEND, Colt?" continued Tum Tum.
"You little....!" Colt kinda exploded and chased his little brother up the stairs.
Rocky followed them.
Well, so now Colt had his Melissa, and Melissa had him. Rocky just couldn't figure out how Colt could handle a girlfriend so well, but all he knew was the Colt was deeply taken.... forever.

(Liked the story? There will be more coming up soon!)