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About the Creator

What!? You actually visited this page? I'm sure you don't wanna know that much about me by anywayz...I'm Emelie (you can call me Em, coz that's my nickname) and I'm a girl from Sweden...yeah, that's right. I lived in Great Britain for 3 years but I've now moved back to I guess I know pretty much English haha.
Why did I decide to make a 3 Ninjas site? well, I guess it's coz I like them so much! Colt (a.k.a Max Slade) is my fave Ninja but I think Rocky's pretty cute, too. To create this web site, I've been working the hell out of it!
I also have to admit that I'm not finished yet, there's still bits 'n' pieces to add. For those other 3 Ninja web site creators, don't you have to admit it's real hard to be original? I do, it's been difficult to come up with own ideas. There are loads of sites out there that are a lot better than mine, so check them out! I really dunno what else to write about me...oh yeah, I'm also an author of 3 Ninjas fanfics, you can take a look at them on the Fanfics page and also at Iris' site, Ninjas Galaxy. Another hobbie of mine is drawing/sketching/painting, and I've done loads of work of 3 Ninjas. You probably think I'm trying to show off here, but I'm not. Well, that's all for now....and thanx for visiting the site, I hope you like it!!!