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CATCH YOU CRYIN’ ©2008 Charlie Baker (ASCAP)
You quietly slip out the back door, so I won’t catch you leavin’. ✴ Up all night, I’m walkin’ the floor wonderin’ who you’re seein’. ✴ But I’m no fool, and I won’t pretend. ✴ It’s not gonna happen again. ✴ Writing you this note ‘cause I’m through tryin’. ✴ Chorus ✴ I won’t catch you leavin’, and you won’t catch me cryin’. ✴ Bridge ✴ When mornin’ comes and you sneak in, there’ll be no one here to fool. ✴ You’ll never see these tears again cryin’ over you. ✴ Verse 2 ✴ You won’t get to sell your story to me ‘cause this time I ain’t buyin’. ✴ Don’t come lookin’ for my sympathy. ✴ You made the bed you lie in. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ [Musical Solo] ✴ Repeat Bridge ✴ End Chorus ✴ I won’t catch you leavin’, and you won’t catch me cryin’. ✴ No, I won’t catch you leavin’, and you won’t catch me cryin’. ©2008 Charlie Baker (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by permission

I STAND, I KNOW ©2010 Jeanne Baker (ASCAP)
I stand, I know beside you weepin’ not and pressin’ on, asking my lonely self why, not sad now that you’re gone. ✴ I stand, I know beside you to forgive if only a dream, but you are not, and I’ve forgot all you could be to me! ✴ Chorus ✴ I’m movin’ on, leavin’ you behind to pick up the pieces as our shattered dreams unwind. ✴ You tortured my soul and fractured my love. ✴ Your words cut right through me like lightning from above. ✴ Verse 2 ✴ No, God did not create me to be battered and abused! ✴ Gonna break away and never look back, and I’ll be the one who’s amused! ✴ And in the end of it all, I have no wish to forget, just no desire to recall all you could be to me. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ [Musical Solo] ✴ Bridge ✴ I need time --- time to heal. ✴ Goin’ to my secret place. ✴ Angels take my wounded heart. ✴ Make it strong to forgive and ease my pain. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ Repeat Chorus ℗©2010 Jeanne Baker Publishing (ASCAP); Oak Ridge Records. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

WHERE DID THE BOY I LOVED GO? ©2009 Winston Dunbar (ASCAP and Wes Sperry (ASCAP)
I’ve been thinkin’ lately that we’ve grown apart. ✴ Somethin’ has been missin’ in my life. ✴ And so it seems to me that it’s time we talked, ‘cause I love him but the feelin’ isn’t right. ✴ Verse 2 ✴ We met when we were young, when life was new and so much fun. ✴ We have changed so much since then, I need to know. ✴ Chorus ✴ Where did the boy that I loved go, the one who used to be so kind? ✴ Now, who is this man where he used to stand? ✴ Did that part of him get left behind? ✴ Verse 3 ✴ I’m not sayin’ that it’s all his fault. ✴ The work, kids, and mortgage wear us down. ✴ We’ve gone through changes, and I’ve been wrong. ✴ I think we need to find some common ground. ✴ Bridge ✴ His temper’s short. ✴ His face is hard. ✴ He spends his time out in the yard. ✴ Never brings the flowers to me. ✴ He’s grown so cold. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ [Musical Solo] ✴ Repeat Verse 2 ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ Verse 5 ✴ Did he wander slowly into time? ✴ Is there somewhere I can go where I can find--the boy? ©2009 Winston Dunbar and Wes sperry, Sporadic Synchrony Music (ASCAP) All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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Music on this page is:
Shea and Ella’s Song
by Jeanne Baker

℗©2010 Jeanne Baker Publishing (ASCAP); Oak Ridge Records. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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