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GATEWAYS ©2010 Jeanne Baker (ASCAP)
Portals in time can take us away on magickal carpet rides through gateways to lands and places dressed in laces with beckoning faces. ✴ Chorus ✴ Drifting in and out of time, searching for a lullaby whispering chimes and rhymes and signs to bring you back to me. ✴ Verse 2 ✴ Each fragment of light is ripened into a twilight pattern, and with my kaleidoscopic thoughts, I probe the edge of gladness. ✴ Bridge ✴ Wandering like a wise one half awake in semi-darkness. ✴ Illusions in my paisley country dreams, I search for you. ✴ I hope for you. ✴ Verse 3 ✴ Fantasies dissolve and rearrange. ✴ Intricate mazes lead me in. ✴ I come to dead-ends and movin’ons, while mists surround me in the labyrinth. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ Verse 4 ✴ I see you through the open gate, beckoning me with open arms leading me to your secret place your sweetness to partake. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ [Musical Solo] ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ While tampering with eagerness, I awaken. ✴ oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo. ℗©2010 Jeanne Baker Publishing (ASCAP); Oak Ridge Records. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

MY BRAVE KNIGHT ©2010 Jeanne Baker (ASCAP)
Would that there would be but one who’d be my knight in shining armor. ✴ One who’d build my self-esteem by not allowing others to trample it with meanness. ✴ He’d silence vicious barbs. ✴ One who’d be so kind and wise with gentle strengths he makes it fine. ✴ Chorus ✴ There’s a little good in the worst of us, and there’s a little bad in the best of us, so it behooves that none of us talk about the rest of us. ✴ There’s a little good in the worst of us. ✴ Verse 2 ✴ My brave knight would help me to stand tall and to be brave. ✴ Teach me that when trouble comes to smile and walk away. ✴ My knight in shining armor would shelter me from harm like a shield of kevlar secure within his arms. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ Verse 3 ✴ My brave knight would come and save me. ✴ Bullies would not dare to touch me. ✴ My brave knight would come and drive the brigands all away. ✴ Now they know that they’d lose in the end. ✴ My brave knight would never let them harm me or my friends. ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ There’s a little good in the worst of us. ✴ There’s a little good in the worst of us. ℗©2010 Jeanne Baker Publishing (ASCAP); Oak Ridge Records. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

HOLLOW HEARTS ©2010 Jeanne Baker (ASCAP)
You know that I loved you body and soul, but you gave a half-love to me. ✴ Half-love’s a weak thing, neither bound nor free. ✴ Verse 2 ✴ My soul’s alone, afraid, and sad. ✴ You claim devotion to me, just untruths and a love that’s wrong. ✴ My love has blinded me. ✴ Chorus ✴ Next time you build bridges be sure you make them strong. ✴ You broke my heart and walked away. ✴ The path to love is gone. ✴ Verse 3 ✴ Silent songs in the falling rain in the restless winter fears, moan and call to deepest pain. ✴ Hollow hearts cry---no tears! ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ Bridge ✴ Now these are words with meaning, so grab’em for their worth. ✴ Their piercing blades reflect your lies. ✴ I see it in your eyes! ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ [Musical Solo] ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ Repeat Chorus ✴ [Musical Solo] ℗©2010 Jeanne Baker Publishing (ASCAP); Oak Ridge Records. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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As one can see by the lyrics, My Brave Knight is a song I wrote for people who are bullied. I felt they needed a "voice". I also wanted a song to sing if I ever had the good fortune to entertain our troops, so this is also for all the "bully chasers" in the Armed Services who protect us from bullies.

℗©2010 Jeanne Baker Publishing (ASCAP); Oak Ridge Records. All Rights Reserved. Used by permission.

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