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Song writing is a cathartic experience. To elaborate on just a few of the songs I wrote for this album, “My Brave Knight” was written for people who are bullied because “bullying” is so detrimental and prevalent in the world.  I also wanted a song I could sing for our troops, who are brave knights stopping bullies intent on harming the U.S.A. and other countries.   I want to acknowledge all “brave knights” who spend their days helping others.  “Shea and Ella’s Song” is, of course, dear to me. I wrote this song for them.  It is a children’s song I can sing with them and others.  It’s a song for all “children at heart”.  “Precious In His Eyes” is in memory of my mother.  She devoted her life to her church and to others.  When she died, the congregation honored her with an “eternal flame” that hung from the ceiling in the sanctuary until the congregation moved to a new church. Her light will hang in the new sanctuary when it is completed.  “Phantom Gate” is particularly important to me. Although some knowledge has been lost due to nefarious and other questionable acts, much of it is still extant. Sometimes knowledge is hidden in myths, legends, and lore.  Sometimes, it is actually evident, yet hidden, and just waiting for us to find it.

Over the years, I have accumulated ideas and names that intrigue me.  I thought it would be fun to share a few with you, but first just a couple comments.  Only a few Native American cultures are mentioned because these are ones I have either studied, and/or have friends who belong to these tribes/nations. We have many Native American cultures, I am certain you will enjoy learning about all of them. Two sheets of my brochure have provided you with some words to play with on your computer or other conveyor of knowledge.  Just put a word in the space provided on your search engine and have fun.  ‘Renaissance’ alone could provide you with numerous years of enjoyment and fascination.  I have avoided words that would be trademark names and the like, as well as musicians. (I only had so much room.) I have many more words but am hoping others will use this concept, because it is my sincere hope that other artists will provide their own favorite words to peruse in their brochures.  It would be fun to discover what words they would choose.  I, for one, would like to know what other artists think about, as well as what their interests are, and how they manage in this business.  Knowledge needs to be shared. One caveat, however, is that words have many meanings.  For instance, “The Rose” could be a flower, a good book such as The Name of The Rose by Umberto Eco, or “The Rose”, a fabulous movie starring Bette Midler.  A rose is synonymous with Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary; or in popular culture’s vernacular, something a vampire gives his/her love. Think of the multiple meanings as broadening the search for nuggets of knowledge, but always remember that although knowledge is important, imagination is everything!

Our children were taught that spoken words have vibrations and power, and that thoughts are things. We are accountable for our words, as well as our actions. We also taught them to follow the “Golden Rule” and to be kind to animals and Mother Earth.  They listened well, and we are very proud of and blessed by them. I have also been blessed with wonderful great friends both here and abroad.  Thanks again to you all.  I am blessed by your encouragements and friendships and truly humbled. My wish for you all is that you may live happy, healthy, long and prosperous lives, and enjoy the comforts of love and a tender touch.

With Great Gratitude and Thanks,
Jeanne June 2009

A portion of the proceeds from this album will be given to:

*Defenders of Wildlife--Wolf Project
*Grandma’s Gifts (works to improve the lives of Appalachian families)
*Wolf Park, Indiana

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Shea and Ella’s Song
by Jeanne Baker

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