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I wish to thank the Supreme Being, my angels, the mom and dad of my childhood, my husband, Paul, the blessings of our children, Virginia and Joseph Brendan and their spouses, and our precious grandchildren, Shea and Ella (Ella was born on my late mother’s birthday and is her namesake.)  The future is simply the past again, entered through a different gate.

Putting an album together is like preparing a yummy recipe.  It takes many people, and I was fortunate to be surrounded by highly talented, artistic geniuses.  (Please see credits.)  Thank you all for your help, support, and encouragement.  Working with you has been an amazing experience.

Thanks to CMT, GAC, and country radio for helping to not only entertain me, but educate me about “country”. I was trained vocally in a different genre.  However after watching and listening, I have come to love these folks. They are so forthright, honest and genuine.  It manifests in their music--truly a national treasure.

I’d like to thank Noah Gordon for taking a chance on me.  Thanks also to Charlie Baker.  Thanks to the folks at Bug Music, Inc.  What an honor it is to have someone write a song just for you, so special thanks, to Winston Dunbar and Wes Sperry.  Thanks to Robbie Hiner and Michelle Lynn for their background vocals, suggestions, and assistance.  Michelle was instrumental in bringing the project to its conclusion.  Thanks also to Larry, Pat and  Rich.  You guys rock! Your talent is absolutely magickal!  Thanks to all the musicians and artists who added their special talents to the album.  Thanks to Wolf, a singer/songwriter, who would stop by the studio and add gentle suggestions and encouragements--a true “knight”.  Thanks to Gary, engineer and production assistant, and to Dr. Joe Couri, also a fellow singer/songwriter and true “knight” who introduced us. 

Cindy, thank you so much for your expertise, creativity, help, and encouragement.  It’s truly appreciated. You are so very kind and a brilliantly talented genius.  Seriously!  I could not have done this without you.  Thank you, Sabrina, pen and ink artist extraordinaire, for your awesome, and magickal artwork. Who would have guessed six years ago that it would become my album cover and logo?  It’s perfection! We added a bit of color for the album cover, yet it is still exquisite. A special thanks to Mrs. DeLores Brown, my music teacher and Dr. Howard Getz, my English teacher.  Mrs. Brown kindled my interest in music and Dr. Getz my writing abilities.  I would like you both to know how special you are and how much it means to me that you graciously nurtured my talents.  You both are a huge influence in my life.

I’d also like to thank my late Uncle Harold Bower, who encouraged my keen interest in the sciences.  He and my late Aunty Em (Yes, I had an ‘Aunty Em’.) would travel everywhere.  They picked up rocks and what have you on all their trips. They would then bring them home and label them.  As a child, I found that a bit odd, but now I do the same thing! 

Thanks, “#1 Fan", Carol, for being so patient and supportive. To my fans and fellow “stargate travelers”, I give a huge Thanks! Special thanks to D.B. Your kindness and support is important and always greatly appreciated. 

  And finally, but certainly not least, thanks to my family for their patience, and to Shea and Ella for their giggles.  “Shea and Ella’s Song” wouldn’t be the same without your giggles!  Thanks to all those great souls who work diligently every single day to help the plight of those who need a ‘voice’: the poor, the hungry, Mother Earth, and those humans and animals who are in need of comfort and care. Thanks to the folks who are working to save our mountains and wolves. (Please check out what is happening to our wolves and to the Appalachian Mountains.)  

One can easily ascertain the character of people by how they treat those, be they human or animal, who can do nothing to them or for them.  Many thanks and blessings to all the women and men (brave knights all) serving in our nation’s armed forces.

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Cheers, Jeanne

Music on this page is:
Shea and Ella’s Song
by Jeanne Baker

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