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Chants, Blessings, Prayers and Charms

A Spell to Cast Away Darkness

Belisama Fire 2001

In the center of the darkest storm,
Is a brilliant rainbow, bright and warm.
Look past the darkness that you see,
There's more than what you think might be.

There now is freedom, so you can find,
The path to stimulate your mind.
So don't despair, let hope shine bright,
The sun will rise, just past the night.

A Spell for Healing

Belisama Fire 2001

May the light that shines from deep inside,
Flow ever out, and never hide.

May the shining light within my soul,
Heal me now, and make me whole.

May the light that shines so very bright,
Help heal ________, on this night.

May the shining light within my core,
Bring peace and love, forever more.

A Happy Positive Day

Now close your eyes and visualize the day you want to have, image who is there, what you are wearing, the place, surroundings, the atmosphere, what the weather is like and other things that you would like to happen.

Hold this image for as long as you can, then repeat the following 3 times:

"God and Goddess hear my plea,
Bring to me this day I see.
Hear these words the ones I say,
And let me have a wonderful day.
May it be good and never bad,
May it be a happy day and not a sad.
I ask of you this very hour,
Make this true with your divine power.
As the candles burn bright and shine,
Bring upon this day of mine.
God and Goddess hear my plea,
Bring to me this day I see,
So mote it be"

Heal From Illness, Pain Or Negativity

Ask your body to reverse the steps it used to bring about the pain and discomfort. Be assertive; your body listens to every word you say.

"I (Your Name), release this pain.
It is no longer part of me.
I return the energy to mother earth.
Now I am healed"

Healing Charm (1)

"As this life grows healthy,
So does my body.
Flourishing and full,
My cells use Karate,
Defending me from,
All ills and disease,
No need for pills,
My suffering is eased."

Owie Fix

Owie - Fix, owie - Fix,
You're the fairy that I pick.
Bring the healing,
Come right quick! Owie - Fix owie - Fix!

Prayer For Ridding Negative Thinking

"O Goddess within,
O God within,
O Goddess of the moon,
the waters and the earth;
O God of the sun,
the forests and the mountains,
I need to feel your presence.
I need to be reminded of you.
Assist me to remember your lessons,
Show me the key that will unlock my spirituality
Blessed Be!"

Prayer For Strength and Protection

"God and Goddess of the skies,
Please respond to my cries.
Lift me up in your strong arms,
Away from those who seek to harm.
Shield me from the awful rage,
That shall face me day to day.
Help me be strong in what I do,
And help my heart remain true.
Give me the strength to face each day,
And the hardships before me lain.
Let those who I love, love me in return,
And everyday let me learn.
I bid you both my spirit keep,
While I'm awake and asleep.
So mote it be!"


"This circle of protection moves with me,
It goes where I go,
It bends where I bend,
It protects me on all sides,
From all things seen and unseen,
So mote it be"

* this is my favorite - you can change the me to a name and the I's to him's and her's to protect other people*

Nite time Rhyme

"Up above the world so high,
I gaze upon the night time sky,
And call upon the stars in space,
To sprinkle magick sleep dust on my face,
Goodnight family, goodnight all,
I shall not stir 'til morning's call"

The parent or carer then close the curtains and says:

"Snuggle down and close your eyes,
No more peeps, its time to sleep,
It's time to sleep"

Tarot Card Blessing

This is a blessing to say when you are shuffling tarot cards, to make the reading work out better, and to see the meanings of the cards more clearly:

"Silver moonlight, and Sunlight of Gold,
Light my way clearly as the cards unfold,
Show me the subconscious,
And secrets untold,
Show me what the past, the present and future doth hold,
Let me see clearly the cards meanings,
Be they bright and warm, dark or cold,
God and Goddess be with me, and bless me
As the cards unfold.
So Mote it be!"

To Remove Negative Entities

"Nasty critters, heed these words-
Fly far away, fly like a bird.
Hear me well; I now command,
You leave this space, this sacred land.
Out, I say! I order you!,
Go peacefully-take flight anew"

Chant of Initiation

Earth, Air, Fire, Water
Everything thatís to my desire
Day in and day out
My abilities I do not doubt
Goddess I look to you as you look to me
My spirit floats with you oh so free.
Oh great God you gave me this power
I rise my spirit from this place
To be with you face to face just to tell you ,
I now want to go further and dedicate myself to this path on this very hour!
-By Dave Jandreau

Self Blessing

Love self
Love all
Let go
Move on
Grow in beauty and in wisdom
Stand tall
Be strong.

Protection Chant

Earth and Air
Fire and Water
Give Protection
To your daughter!
Stone and Wind
Flame and River
Protection now
Be delivered!

Chant for Love

Love from above
Love from below
Love from within
Bring me love's glow!

"An Autumn Chant"

by Karen Bergquist
I will dance
The dance of dying days
And sleeping life.
I will dance
In cold, dead leaves
A bending, whirling human flame.
I will dance
As the Horned God rides
Across the skies.
I will dance
To the music of His hounds
Running, baying in chorus.
I will dance
With the ghosts of those
Gone before.
I will dance
Between the sleep of life
And the dream of death.
I will dance
On Samhain's dusky eye,
I will dance.

Circle Casting

Maiden, cast your circle white
Weave a web of healing light.
Mother, cast your circle red
Weave the strands of family threads
Enchantress, cast your circle green
Weave the fiber of worlds between
Old Crone, cast your circle black
Weave the wisdom that we lack.

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