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Tripe Soup, by Jennifer Brizzi
Friday, March 31, 2006
IACPconf/I wish I were there
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Topic: food writing biz
Man, life as it is is good, but how I have wanted to go to this year's conference, in Seattle, of the International Association of Culinary Professionals. I went in 2000 to the one in Providence, RI, and it was so incredibly great that I wanted so bad to get to this one, too, and to see Chandley, my best oldest childhood friend who lives there, and a family--the Kaplans-- who were in Vietnam with us, getting another son when we adopted our daughter, and my second cousin Mary Ann Gwinn, who is book editor of the Seattle Times--so many reasons to go, but not enough cash, not enough child care.

I am thinking of the crowds, thinking of the schmoozing, thinking of the tastes and smells and joy of being with thousands of other food-fanatics. In Providence I got to meet and talk to the recently departed and very sweet Sicilian food expert and actor Vincent Schiavelli, and also Clifford Wright and Julia Child, all of them pros and genuinely kind and friendly.

Alas, Child and Schiavelli will not be there this year. But I wish I was. It is all for the best, I know. I need to be here with my little ones. But man oh man how I wish I could be there, too. Cheers to all of you IACP'ers in Seattle right now. I hope you are having a fantabulous time.

Posted by Jennifer Brizzi at 11:45 PM EST
Updated: Monday, April 3, 2006 12:03 AM EDT
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Saturday, April 1, 2006 - 1:03 PM EST

Name: Claire Taillon

I remember that time well. I was lucky enough to have attended with you when you were in providence. It may have been one of the last times we spent together the the very place we met. Good old Providence, R.I. somewhat a food mega not to be missed. Glad we had that time together.
Seattle would have been nice, hope you get to go to the next IAP. I remember your excitment of having met Julia Child, because i was just as excited to think of such an honor.. well thought i would write and let you know i do read your little blogs, and enjoy them much as we have enjoyed a fine friendship..
love you Jenn.
your friend from Providence

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