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1. Why Absorb Sunshine?

Let The Sun Shine In

The Children of the Sun

Imbibe Sunshine for a Natural High

Sungazing and Eyesight

Nude Sunbathing

A Cure for Obesity


2. Basic Tools and Techniques

How to Sungaze

Sungazing Tools

Getting the Full Spectrum

How to Sunbathe

Sun-charged water

Atonic Tea

Sun-Chi Drink

Sun-charged Food

Barefoot Walking on Sun-warmed Sand


Sleeping Grounded


3. Suns of God

Viracocha, the Golden One from the Sun

Akhenaton, High Priest of the Sun

The Lost Teachings of Zarathustra

The Wisdom of Sol-O-Mon

Serapis of the Sun

Jesus Christ, Sun of God

The Solar Vision of Akbar

The Disciple of the Sun, Omraam Mikhael Aivanhov

HRM, the Human Solar Chip


4. How to Become a Sun of God


Amrita, the Nectar of Immortality

The Deathless Solar Body

The Alchemy of Human Transformation

Into the Heart of the Sun


5. Testimonials


6. Prayers, Affirmations and Meditations


Appendix A The Gayatri Mantra


Appendix B Sun-promoting Websites