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Fertility & Pregnancy Over 40
No surprise

No surprise!  Women over 40 have DISTINCT ISSUES when it comes to fertility, conception and pregnancy.  Our web site specializes in Mid-Life Fertility and Pregnancy and is a credible source of information and products.


Here women build friendships and create a pregnancy support structure as they learn the myths, facts and insider tips about clinics, doctors, treatments, procedures and fertility drugs.


If you're already pregnancy and want up-to-date information, or if you are wishing to conceive a baby and interested in expanding your knowledge, advice, facts, support and just the right touch of inspiration are only a mouse click away!


Over 40 and Looking for Information & Support

When Dealing with Pregnancy, Fertility and Conception?


Support, Advice and The Latest Insider Truths, Tips and Proven Techniques are Freely Available!


If you are feeling apprehensive or concerned about conceiving a baby, then you are certainly not alone; these feelings are quite natural.  In fact, I would say that over 90% of the ladies visiting our website felt the same way at first.


But believe me, with the right knowledge and support you can lessen your anxiety, reduce your stress and help prepare your body for its goal of a successful conception.


There are many women in their 40s who become pregnant and have healthy babies, and chances are YOU CAN TOO


Although later in life, conception does not always come easily, with the right information you can give yourself that added edge and actually increase your chances of success!


Research shows that when women educate themselves and receive the necessary support, it increases their chances of conception.  With the right knowledge and support there is no reason why you can't have a successful pregnancy.  (Human Reproduction Journal 2006: 21; 358-63)



Dear Parents To Be:


Welcome!  My name is Pat Antliff and I know there are many reasons women in their 40s desire a child, new relationships, not finding Mr. Right and deciding to go it on your own, wishing to expand your family, or just getting a late start.  Trust me, no one knows better than I, how it feels to be in your 40s and long for a child.  I have been there!


After meeting the love of my life at 44 (he 48) we decided to form a family.  The longing for a child was something I had never felt before.  However, the longer it took for me to get pregnant, the more worried I became.  I had an inner feeling that something was seriously wrong; but my OB/GYN said as long as my cycles were regular I had nothing to worry about.  She suggested I go home and relax.


It wasn’t until I created my own support network and educated myself in all aspects of infertility that I started to realize that I DID have some control over my situation.  I soon discovered that there were steps I could take to improve my chances.  With that knowledge came confidence and with emotional support I had the resolve not to give up.


My journey took two years but in spite of the negative prospects for a women of 46, I was able to get pregnant and I believe that the knowledge and support I received contributed to my success.


That's why I'm compelled to help others in the same situation.  I know first hand what you are going through.  I remember feeling frustrated and isolated because no one seemed to understand what I was experiencing.  Although people meant well, they would end up saying things that made me feel worse or even more alone.


Of course, not every problem has a viable solution, but with the right guidance, knowledge and support you can find the answers and options that will move you closer to your goal of having a baby.


And while you're trying to conceive, you can take advantage of my own experience and knowledge by learning about proven fertility techniques, the latest conception tips, as well as oodles of recommended natural remedies and what to look for and avoid when seeking help¦ all geared to women over 40!


Our team of dedicated supporters welcomes you.  We truly hope that you'll consider being part of our unique and special community. 


Fertile Wishes,





When registering on our site you will have TWO levels of support to choose from:


Introductory Membership


Our Introductory Membership allows you to browse through all of our fertility resources and order from our Fertility Shop.


Simply register to receive a username and password and following that, you can spend as much time as you like learning all about mid-life fertility and pregnancy.


You will find a lot of helpful advice on our site.  By browsing through the Fertility and Pregnancy sections you will find answers to many of your unanswered questions.


You'll find topics covered such as:

·        Fertility -“ getting started

·        Finding Help

·        Fertility Testing

·        Tips for Improving Fertility

·        Fertility Drugs

·        Donors and Surrogates

·        Pregnancy Over 40

·        Pre-natal Testing Options  and MUCH MORE¦


If you're interested in gaining some added knowledge about fertility and pregnancy, then this FREE membership may be all you need BUT before you make a decision check out our FULL SUPPORT Membership!!




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To receive an enhanced level of support, as well as the latest breaking news on pregnancy and fertility, you should consider a Full Support membership.


For a low, one-time Full Support membership fee of $10, you can become a lifetime member.


This level of support not only allows you to access the fertility resources, our articles and experts and monthly newsletter but also gives you a phenomenal amount of information and support, through access to our support boards and includes your own personal fertility coach and mentor.


If you feel isolated and somewhat alone you can build a support system of empathetic and understanding friends.


Or even if you are already pregnant and overjoyed about your pregnancy, there's a place for you too, as a member of our Pregnancy Forum.


We are a community of women that discuss it all!  You will not only be able to listen and learn from others, but you'll also be able to share your own story.  Being able to share your story will not only empower you, but you will feel empowered by your ability to help others.


It's a small price to pay for the unlimited understanding, knowledge, support and friendship you will receive.



Our FULL SUPPORT Membership Includes


Ø    Unlimited Access to SEVEN Full Support Forums“ Conception, Pregnancy and Parenting!


You can receive infinite support from over 1000 of our members, each with their own unique and inspirational story, as well as tried and tested conception techniques.  As you voice your concerns, you can learn what others have done to improve their chances of conception, while supporting others that are also in need.


This level of support is like no other.  You'll be able to find answers that address your personal issues and concerns.  You'll be able to chat with likeminded ladies that totally understand what you're going through.  And you'll have a reliable source of support to lift your spirits and renew your hope.


When you are successful“ and we know you WILL be“ you can join the many ladies on our Pregnancy Forum and subsequently our Parenting Forum!


Ø    Personal Coach and Mentor


With a Full Support membership you will also be privy to personal coaching and mentoring from me, Pat Antliff, site founder and professional fertility coach.


Since the age of 43, my life has been devoted to helping and supporting women that are having trouble conceiving.  I have first hand experience with infertility and fully understand the issues, emotional challenges and life stresses that occur from not becoming pregnant or from being pregnant in your 40's.


For the past 6 years, I have been mentoring women over 40 that are going through fertility treatments.  I would welcome the chance to assist you in that area.


With an M.Ed in Psychology, I have a vast amount of knowledge and experience in dealing with fertility.  I am in the process of obtaining my Professional Coaching Certification from the Adler School of Professional Coaching and am focusing my support on life coaching and infertility in particular.   With a Full Support membership, your personal fertility mentor will be at your fingertips.


To date, I have been a guest panelist on Health on The Line (TV) Later in Life Parenting, featured in the National Post (March 2006) and interviewed for an upcoming program (CBC TV) on Egg Donation.


As an experienced health researcher, I can help you become your own health advocate.  I can accurately interpret any research studies that you uncover and help you determine if the information posted is accurate and not a result of flawed studies.  I can also help you to quickly decipher complex material so that you fully understand what you are reading.


Simply ask any questions that are directly related to your situation and I will do my best to provide the right answers and support.



Ø    Weekly Forum Chats


Get together with your new found friends for weekly online chats!  We also post a listing of up-to-date fertility events held in areas around the world!  Here you'll find an ongoing list of local support group meetings, free tele -classes, conferences and media events related to fertility and pregnancy.


Ø    Monthly Newsletter


As a Full Support member you will receive a monthly newsletter which focuses on different aspects of fertility, pregnancy or parenting.  The newsletter is jam-packed with practical tips and information.


On our site you will also have access to up-to-date information on all the latest fertility discoveries.  Anything new about pregnancy and fertility will be instantly available to you.  Here you will learn about the most recent state-of-the-art treatments, drugs and protocols.  If you're serious about conceiving, this freshly released information is something you won't want to miss.


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If you are serious about getting pregnant it makes sense to take advantage of our full support membership!

For only a small one time membership fee of $10 you will benefit from:


Ø      An experienced fertility mentor and coach to offer you personalized guidance

Ø      A supportive community of other women over 40

Ø      Articles and experts designed to provide you with the latest research and tips on fertility and pregnancy

Ø      Weekly chats and support group announcements

Ø      Our monthly Newsletter focused on Pregnancy and Fertility


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