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Disney Pop Century Resort Media Event

October 10, 2003

Orlando, Florida

This new Disney resort has areas dedicated to different popular themes and icons from the last century. Areas of the resort represent different decades. The resort actually opens in December, 2003, but this event was a preview for media to see what it is all about. I was invited to be the Rubik's Cube guy. It looks like a fun place!

My name tag during the event

The entrance to the resort - Pop Century at Disney World

Cubing with Chip and Dale at Epcot. Which is Chip and which is Dale? Hint: one has a black nose and one has a brown nose.

Jasmine and the Genie

Minnie Mouse!

Me with my regular cube and one of the giant cubes. These cubes are four stories tall!

Another giant cube! It was incredible to stand next to these things.

Two giant cubes - one is scrambled and one is solved

Me with Aladdin, Princess Jasmine, and the Genie!

These are people from the Brady Bunch, they were at the event too. This is Marcia on the right (Maureen McCormick). and Peter on the left, (Chris Knight). They are being interviewed by a reporter from Telemundo, the Spanish TV station. We are standing outside the the carousel ride at Magic Kingdom.

Marcia Brady and Me!

Marcia Brady watching me do the cube - she was very impressed!

Chip, or is it Dale??? Can you tell them apart?

More Disney characters

This is one of the many interviews I did; the reporter is Tara Arnold, from WLUK in Green Bay, Wisconsin, doing a show called "Good Morning Wisconsin".

Teaching Tara how to do the cube

A view of the media event site - there were reporters there from all over the world. I had to get up at 3:30am because the interviews for the morning news shows started at 5am. It was a long day! I was on about a dozen different shows, but I didn't get pictures of all of them.

This reporter is Mark Hayes, from Fox-5 in Atlanta. The guy on the left is Lucky Meisenheimer, a world Yo-Yo champion; he was being interviewed also. You can read more about him at his site:


Snow White was very mpressed!

This is a show called "KARE 11 Today" from Minneapolis, it is a morning talk show. The hosts are Roxanne Battle and Pat Evans. They did a live broadcast from the site, and I did a 20-second solve for them on the air!

Lucky (yes, that is his real name) and me. His yo-yo tricks were incredible!

At the resort - this is a mood ring. They were popular in the 1970's

With Tigger and Eeyore

A giant YoYo. There was cool stuff like this all over the resort.

A giant 8-track tape