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Non-MLP Stuff For Sale

A collection of Lotsa-Lotsa Legggs (did I get enough Gs in there?). Sold as set only. Includes three different regular length caterpillars and one special heart-themed caterpillar. One even has original scarf! $20 for group.

This original Wrinkles dog puppet was mine when I was little. She is complete with her dress, silky undies, both ear-ribbons, and, most importantly, her BONE! These are really hard to find complete with all accessories. My dad's house was always a smoking house when I was little, so Sandy (what I named her) has noticable yellowing. I don't know how much is fixable by laundering, but I will leave that to her new owner. I loved this puppy very much, but it is time for her to move on. I collect way too many things, and she would be much happier in a cherished Wrinkles collection than in a box in my garage. $10.00

This guy is so cool. He's a wrinkles puppet, but he is one of the TALKING ones. Now, I haven't tested him out, so I don't know if he works, but I do know these are even harder to find than the regular Wrinkles dogs. Unfortunately, he only has his shorts and no bone (or other accessories, if he came with any). I saved him from a local flea market pile of miscellaneous plush years ago, and have had him in my garage in a box since then, waiting for me to find the time to list him for sale. Maybe he's just what your collection needs? $10.00

This girl is gorgeous!! She has her dress, silky undies, ear-ribbons, and her bone, which, as far as I can tell, makes her complete! She's a regular puppy, not a talking one. Sooo pretty! She would love to join your collection. $10.00

Here are a lovely matched pair of Wonder Whims. This is Feather and her friend, Butterfly Boo. Both are in excellent condition with minor flaws. There is a small tear in one layer of the fabric on Butterfly Boo's right wing (see red arrow on picture above). Feather has some minor paint rubs to her rosy cheeks and beak (mouth). Naturally, they have neither their wand nor their storybook, as such things are commonly lost. I personally only have one of each item in my otherwise nearly complete Whims collection, so don't feel bad if you don't have any in yours. Also, Feather here is missing her outfit, an airy draped one-shouldered vest. $8.00 for set, not willing to separate.