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"In My Pocket" Toys For Sale or Trade

Single animal figures and cards are $ .25 per item (animal OR card). Other items and families are priced as noted below. I will trade two-for-one, for items I don't yet have in my collecton! My personal KIMP want list (I am only collecting the Kitties at the moment) is at the bottom of this page. Do feel free to send me your trading lists if interested in trading. I trade and sell on a first-come, first-served basis. This page last updated December 15, 2010.

I am slowly getting my sales and trades back up and going, but it is difficult, with most of my collectibles in storage at the moment. Please feel free to contact me...just know it may be a while before I can find what you're after. :-)

"Unknown" doesn't necessarily mean the animal can't be identified. It means I don't personally know the identity. If you can ID an "unknown" animal for me, I would appreciate the help! DooPlus2 at aol dot com

If I don't mention which variant a card is, it is a USA card or an English-only card. If there is any question, do email me and I can send you a scan of the card(s).

Puppy in my Pocket:

If you are interested in my PuppyIMP stuff, you can have the ENTIRE LOT of puppy (not kitty) stuff I have for $10 plus shipping. just let me know!

Sun-faded chaise lounge (was once magenta, now a burnt orange color), broken in two, but I have both pieces. I assume this is a Puppy item, since I know the Kitty one is blue. (free if you want it)

Same lounge as above, but not broken, and not nearly as faded. $1.00

Award platform (1st, 2nd, 3rd), yellow with pink hearts. Manufacturing stamp inside says Hasbro Inc, Vivid Imaginations, M.E.G. Inc. 94, China. Have three of these. $ .50 each

Award platform (1st, 2nd, 3rd), teal with pink hearts. Manufacturing stamp inside has paw print outline, says 1993 MI Ltd. and Vivid Imaginations Ltd., China. Have four of these. $ .50 each

Award platform (1st, 2nd, 3rd), teal with pink hearts. Manufacturing stamp inside lacks paw print outline, and says 1993 M.W. Int'l. Inc., Made in China, Hasbro. $ .50

Collectafile 1-6 (have 2 of these) $ .25 each

Collectafile 7-12 (have 4 of these) $ .25 each

#1 Herman puppy
#1 Herman puppy
#1 Herman card
#3 McRuff puppy
#3 McRuff puppy
#5 Prince puppy
#5 Prince puppy
(I think the above are Prince, but the card I used to have showed him sitting up, and the puppy is crouching down with tail in the air)
#10 Mischief puppy
#15 Penny puppy
#15 Penny puppy
#15 Penny card
#19 Duchess puppy
#19 Duchess puppy
(I think the above are Duchess, but the card I used to have showed her standing, and the puppy is crouching with her rear in the air)
#118 Specs card (Animal Hospital)
#120 Mary card (Animal Hospital)
#121 Buddy card (Animal Hospital)
#121 Buddy card (Animal Hospital)
#122 Jeremy card (Animal Hospital)

Unknown Puppies:

Pixie (thanks, Chez!), small brown/black in blue shoe, 1995 MEG

Collie? possibly with color change paw (has some red stuff on it, but it either shouldn't be there, or it is mostly rubbed off), 1995 MEG

Pepe (thanks, Chez!) tiny brown dog on red pillow, 1995 MEG (have two of these)

#4 Merlin? brown young pup, standing, tongue out, 1995 MEG

#14 Dusty? brown dog with black collar and yellow tag, crouching with rear in air, 1995 MEG (have four of this one)

#12 Meteor? white (Jack Russell?) standing with brown on ears/eyes, black collar, 1995 MEG

brown bloodhound, possibly from Collection 3?, sitting, MEG Inc 1994

These are all marked MEG, so they should all belong to the set, but I don't have Collectafiles to confirm their identities. I'm just guessing, based on pictures I found online. Here is a picture of these unknown puppies I have:

Non-MEG fakie pups, etc., including a tiny Pound Puppy, a Disney Dalmatian puppy, a few cute Topps brand pups, and other animals. Some people tell me Topps released an early version of the Puppy In My pocket brand, so these could possibly be PuppyIMP? Not pictured is a 1997 Topps pig with a blue 1st place ribbon. Here is a picture of the rest of the non-MEG animals:

Kitty in my Pocket:

Numbers in quotes are the tiny manufacturing number found on the underside of most kitty figures. If I don't list the number, the figure either has no number, or I cannot find the number. Unless noted to the contrary, the number is the only difference in otherwise identical animals. I don't know how interested fellow collectors are in getting each teeny-tiny variant, but I wanted to mention the numbers, just in case!

Kitty Display House, badly sun-faded, no stickers, no fencing, no door, has cardboard back wall (free if you want it)

White picket fence stand, originally came with group "A" of the Series 2 kitties (41-45: Fleur, Tina, Sally, Berti, and Erik). Manufacturing details inside say 1994 M.E.G. Inc., China, and "1."

White picket fence stand, has what looks like an "0" or maybe a numeral one outline...anyway, different from above.

Kitty Collectafile from UK that shows Teddy items inside, order form has been cut off and is missing. Free if you want it.

Kitty Collectafile from UK shows only Kitty items including Snack and Playtime sets, order form has been cut off and is missing. Free if you want it.

3 Rustic card in fair condition (free if you want it)
6 Milky card
8 Adhezo or Max "2"
9 Charlotte card
10 Fantasy or George "2"
10 Fantasy card
11 Scrabble or Tiger "2"
11 Scrabble card
11 Tiger card
13 Fingles or Calico
13 Calico card
14 Mural or Heath "1"
14 Mural card
14 Mural card in poor condition (free if you want it)
16 Danny card
18 Lauren or Miss Pretty "3"
18 Lauren or Miss Pretty "4"
18 Miss Pretty card
19 Teeny card
20 Aimee card
22 Meadow or Lucky "3"
22 Meadow card in poor condition (free if you want it)
23 Motif or Blackie
23 Motif or Blackie
23 Motif card
24 Plunder or Kitty "3"
24 Plunder or Kitty "3"
25 Alarm card in fair condition (free if you want it)
25 Pinkie card
26 Amber card
27 Lotty
27 Lotty
27 Lotty card
27 Lotty card
28 Emmy (paw slightly coming up from cushion) "1/2" (kitty/cushion)
28 Emmy card
29 Coco "1"
29 Coco "1"
29 Coco "1"
29 Coco card
30 Theo "2"
30 Theo card
31 Jake "1" and "1" (kitty and bowl). Variant with pink insides of ears (some Jake kitties have no pink in ears).
31 Jake "1" and "2" (kitty and bowl) pink in ears version
32 Joe "2"
33 Rosie "2"
33 Rosie "2"
33 Rosie card
34 Holly "1"
34 Holly "1"
34 Holly card
35 Brandy "2"
35 Brandy "2"
36 Tammy "1"
36 Tammy card
37 Dulcie, base of trophy is chewed on and is missing a chunk (free if you want it)
37 Dulcie card
38 Susi card
39 Gerard "1"
39 Gerard "2"
39 Gerard card
39 Gerard card, missing one corner (free if you want it)
40 Nadine "1"
40 Nadine card
40 Nadine card
40a Leo card
42 Tina "1"
42 Tina "2"
42 Tina card
43 Sally "1"
43 Sally "1"
43 Sally "2"
43 Sally card
44 Berti "1"
44 Berti "2"
44 Berti "2"
44 Berti (can't tell)
44 Berti card
44 Berti card
44 Berti card
45 Erik card
46 Blossom's kittens x2 (both have green eyes): playful laying down (right front paw forward, left front paw to face, back left paw lower than right), playful sitting (left front paw reaching to bat at something) $ .25 each or $ .50 for pair
47 Elsa mommy and her four kittens, no accessories $1.25 for the set (ON HOLD, when I can locate it!)
53 Frankie card

55 Thai (Siamese Family):
Mommy "1" with chewed off back foot
Baby crouching with tail in air
Baby laying down with head up/alert
Baby laying on side/back with playful paws
(no accessories, missing one kitten) $ .75 for set (ON HOLD, when I can locate it!)

58 Karl card
59 Lillypad card
60 Snowy card
61 Claudia, shiny metallic capelet
68 Debbie (Bicolour Longhair Family), mommy only
70 Daniella "1"
70 Daniella card (Magic Vet Care)
72 Will
72 Will
72 Will
72 Will card (Magic Vet Care)
72 Will card (Animal Hospital UK)
77 Talulah
77 Talulah card (Animal Hospital UK)
85 Sue mommy kitty only, has some bite marks, color change nametag still works (free if you want it)

Very cool Mint-in-sealed-baggie promo! Nugget/Timothy kitty ("3") is sealed (along with a white card backer) in a half-clear, half-white baggie. He is a promotional kitty from the Weetos or Weetabix cereal set! $1.00

Teddy in my Pocket:

unknown Teddy figure, brown sitting bear wearing green sunglasses

My Personal Want List

I am currently only collecting the Kitty in my Pocket series. If you would like to trade or sell any of these kitties, please email me! In addition to the loose kitties and accessories mentioned below, I am also interested in any packaged items I don't yet have in my collection.

2 Sapphire kitty and card
3 Thomas kitty and card
7 Outwit card
12 Erin card
12 Candy kitty
14 Heath card
16 Pollyanna card
20 Smokey card
yellow modeling runway (came with kitties #36-40)
33a Mitzi kitty and card
40a Leo kitty
(to be continued later...)