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The idea behind the Dolly Pops toy line was simple: 3D plastic paper dolls.  The benefits of doing this?  Paper dolls are fun but fragile, and therefore not suitable for younger kids.  Dolly Pops are durable plastic dolls and clothing pieces that “pop” on each figure.  Not only will they last, but younger children, who may not be able to handle the delicate paper tabs of real paper dolls, can easily “snap” an outfit onto and off of a Dolly Pops doll.  Fitting, then, was the advertising tag line, "The doll you dress in a snap!"

The Dolly Pops toys were produced by the Knickerbocker Toy Company (“KTC” for short).  The toy line was first available in 1979, though the idea for the line was conceived at least by 1978, since the Poptown playset has that year on its box.  From the toys I have seen, it seems the line continued until at least 1982. Dolly Pops were available not only in the USA, but also in Canada and in the UK, and possibly other places in Europe as well.

I created this site because I could not find much useful information on the Internet about Dolly Pops.  What I did find, I have below in the Dolly Pops Links section of this page.  Not much, huh?  I thought, surely there were others out there like me, who would benefit from a definitive collecting checklist/information site about these memorable and unique toys.  Since I couldn’t find such a site, I decided to create one myself.

I would like to encourage anyone with Dolly Pops pictures or information to share what they know/have with me via email, at DooPlus2 at aol dot com, so that I may update this site to be the most complete Dolly Pops information source available on the Internet.  I would like any collectors who have mint-in-package Dolly Pops items to send me pictures of their items and the information printed on those packages.  I will only use any such pictures and information here on this site, for collecting/reference purposes, and I will credit the original picture’s owner (with or without contact information, at their request) here on the site. If you have international Dolly Pops items, I am especially interested in any information you can share, since I am in the USA and have very limited knowledge of the international releases.

In addition to pictures intentionally donated by others, this site may contain some pictures (of items not yet in my own collection) that I have saved from other sites without permission to use them or display them publicly.  I have been saving and archiving online pictures of toys for many years, for my own reference. While this means my database of toy information is vast, it also means that, for most of the pictures I've saved, I do not know who the original owners are.  Therefore, if you see a picture here that is your property, and you would like me to remove it or credit you as the owner, I will gladly do so.  Luckily, I have a rather sizable Dolly Pops collection (many thanks to my awesome mom for getting them for me!), so most of the pictures shown here are my own, of items in my personal collection.  Concerning those pictures here that are my own property, I grant everyone permission to save/use them for personal reference purposes only (NOT to be used for other purposes, such as selling your own DP items on eBay or any other forum).  Any pictures that are not my own will be captioned with owner information (or a notice of unknown ownership), and the ones that are mine will have no owner caption.

No, my collection is not for sale.  However, I do have some Dolly Pops items “extra” and will be listing them on eBay or here on this site sometime in the (hopefully near) future, as my precious toddler boy will allow.  If you'd like to check my auctions or my personal site, I have links listed below.  Since I am a collector myself, I am willing to work out trades for items not yet in my collections (Dolly Pops or otherwise, including My Little Pony and other little girls’ toys from about 1979 to about 1995).  I haven’t yet typed up my Dolly Pops wish list, but you can assume that if the picture on this DP site is not my own, I don’t have the item yet!

If any other DP collectors are interested (email me if you are!), and I have enough spare web space, I will set up a separate page here on DollyPopsTown specifically for collectors. This would be so that fellow DP collectors could showcase a pic or two of their prized collections, along with their want/trade lists and maybe a short biography of each collector too. If I can't do a "collector's corner" type page, I can at least have a list of links to fellow collector's own pages. I'd like to do a sort of "you link up to me, and I'll link up to you" deal, so we both get more web traffic. :-)

Thank you for checking out my quaint little Dolly Pops site.  Do feel free to email me if you have any pictures, information, questions, or suggestions, or just want to “talk toys.”  I’m somewhat of an expert on 1980s (and some 1990s) little girls’ toys, so if you need help identifying something, I’d be happy to help.

Much love, and happy toy hunting,

Brandi K.

DooPlus2 at aol dot com

Dolly Pops Links:

Dolly Pops entry at

Dolly Pops entry at

Dolly Pops entry at

Dolly Pops entry at

a funny journal-type entry about lots of 80s girl toys, written by a guy

Dolly Pops are mentioned in this retrospective on 1982

Another site using the same fuzzy graphics as so many DP sites. Now you see why I've created my "DollyPopsTown" site!

A nice presentation, if not unique information.

An interesting list of old toys and TV shows. I tried to send this person a link to DollyPopsTown, but, as an AOL user, I am currently unable to send email to yahoo users. If you can write to this person and tell them about DollyPopsTown, I'd really appreciate it!

An as-yet-empty Dolly Pops entry in Retroland

A VERY brief synopsis page. Just one pic and a caption!

A personal list of toys someone has, including Dolly Pops

FRENCH Dolly Pops items for sale on a French website! A little expensive, but fab items from old store stock.

current listings for Dolly Pops on eBay

Non-Dolly Pops Links:

MysticSunbeam’s Toy Page
My personal homepage, including short bio, toy stuff for sale, and family picture pages

MysticSunbeam’s Toys on eBay
My Items on eBay.  With a rambunctious toddler boy in the house, I don’t get too much listed, but it’s worth an occasional peek!

Kitty/Puppy/Bunny/Teddy/Monster In My Pocket

In My Pocket toys for sale/trade
My personal Puppy/Teddy/Kitty In My Pocket "extras"

Massive Comprehensive In My Pocket list>
A really great checklist of In My Pocket toys is kept by a fellow collector. It is incomplete, but it is the most comprehensive list anywhere.

Another IMP page
Not complete, but a nice presentation

Sea-Wees, Shimmers, and Li'l Loggers

Sea-Wees Lagoon
The Sea-Wees toys were available 1979-1984, so many of you who remember Dolly Pops will probably remember these adorable bath toys too! It seems a lack of nasal features was common to dolls of the late seventies, as both Dolly Pops and SeaWees lacked dimensional noses!

Shimmering Forest
Related to Sea-Wees, these fantasy dolls are all half-human and half-animal.  Many Sea-Wees collectors collect these too.

My Little Pony (for a huge list of MLP-related links, click here)

THE definitive My Little Pony collecting/reference site!

Little Pretty

Little Pretty
Although the best site for Little Pretty, it is far from complete.  Little Pretty was Mattel’s Kitties and Puppies rival line to My Little Pony in the 1980s.

Fairy Tails, The Birds With Happy Endings!

Fairy Tail Friends
Although not actually a part of My Little Pony, this line was produced by Hasbro during MLP’s first generation, and they are very similar.

Enchanted Kingdom

Enchanted Kingdom Horses
  This line of hard plastic horses were available twice, briefly, during MLP's original 10-year run. With their delicate features and extravagant fashion sense, they should have been much more popular than they were. Some even came with Princesses!

Castle Keeps Gargoyles

Castle Keeps Gargoyles
  My own personal collection of Castle Keeps Gargoyles, a toy line made by My Best Toys, Inc. in 1995. Most people have never seen these. On the rare occasion someone does stumble across one, they usually have no clue what it is. I only have three, but at least it's a bit of info. out there for people! And, if you find one I don't have, I'm interested!

Links to good reference sites for other late 1970s to 1990s toys, such as:

Bubble Belles (these look like the same doll molds as Rose-Petal Place!)
(Hasbro) Bubblins
Care Bears (any generation, of which there are at least two)
Cherry Merry Muffin (or other cupcake-type dolls)
Darlin’ Dinos
Dreamie Sweets
FairyWinkles (AKA Folly Magic, in the UK I believe)
Fashion Star Fillies
Fluppy Dogs
Furrever Friends
(Playmates) Furry Families
(Galoob) Golden Girl, a rival line to Mattel's Princess of Power line.
Happy Ness
Hello Kitty
Herself the Elf
Hugga Bunch
Kitty/Puppy/Bunny Surprise
(Hasbro/TCFC) Lady Lovely Locks
Liddle Kiddles (first generation was in the 1960s/70s, and there was another in the 1990s!)
(Hasbro/Kenner/Tonka) Littlest Pet Shop (preferably first generation, 1990s)
Maple Town (similar to Sylvanian Families)
Moon Dreamers
My Child
My Magic Kissing Dragons
My Pretty Mermaids
Nosy Bears (any generation, of which there are at least two)
Poochie for Girls
Popples (any generation, of which there are at least two)
Potato Head Kids
Pound Purries/Puppies (any generation, of which there are at least three)
Precious Places
Pretty Crazy Curls
Princess Magic Touch
(Mattel) Princess of Power
Rose-Petal Place
Quints (and any of the similar multiple-baby lines released after this one)
Rainbow Brite (any generation, of which there are at least three)
Serendipity (books etc.)
Star Fairies (first generation, made using same molds as the Hornby Flower Fairies in the UK)
Strawberry Shortcake (first generation, 1980s)
Sweet Secrets (any generation, of which there are at least three)
(Hasbro) Sweetie Kitties and Sweetie Pups
Sylvanian Families (similar to Maple Town)
{Uneeda/Kid Connection) Tea Bunnies
(Doug and Debby Henning’s) Wonder Whims