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MysticSunbeam's Toy Page (under re-construction!)

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All Things Cute and Beautiful

Hello, everyone! I am an avid collector of many different toys, mostly girls' stuff from the 1980s.  My collections include My Little Pony, Princess of Power (She-Ra), Fairy Tails, Sea-Wees, Shimmers, Littlest Pet Shop (kitties only), Little Pretty, Kitty in My Pocket, Wonder Whims, Dolly Pops, and just about anything else I can find. :)  If I don't collect it, I probably know someone who does, and I keep a list of toy links for helping others identify what they have.  Have an unidentified little girls' toy?  Feel free to email me at DooPlus2 at aol dot com, and I'll be glad to help!  Don't forget to check out my current auctions on eBay! (Click my picture above.)  Check out the links below to see the stuff I have for sale or trade "off-eBay." Of course, if you prefer to go through eBay, I would be happy to list anything as an eBay auction for you, so you and I both have eBay's protective services. I leave the format of your purchase up to you, whatever your preference. :-)  Anyone buying multiple items both on- and off-eBay can combine the shipping cost to save money!

My Little Pony (Gen 1) for Sale-Trade (over 300 Ponies!!!)

My Little Pony (Gen 3) for Sale/Trade

Teddy/Kitty/Puppy In My Pocket for Sale/Trade

Fisher-Price Peek-a-Blocks and Roll-a-Rounds For Sale/Trade

Other Goodies for Sale/Trade

My Castle Keeps Gargoyles Collection--Not For Sale

I'm a Mommy!  Here's little Darrin's webpage

I now have a blog! The Adventure of Mommyhood
This is an OLD page--Darrin will be 6 years old tomorrow, Dec. 16, 2010!

Mini Want List

In case anyone out there would rather trade for than purchase items from me, here's a (relatively) short list that pares it down to my most desired items. If you have any of these and want to sell or trade them to me, please feel free to write me at :)  

My Little Pony (1st Gen. pre-1997):
Mail-offer Rapunzel (although I can't afford the cash, I would trade a LOT of ponies for this one!!!!!  I currently have more than 300 Gen1 ponies that are up for trades!)
Flat-footed original: Snuzzle
Concave-footed: Minty
Rainbow Ponies: Starflower, Trickles (Hong Kong)
Playtime Baby Brother: Racer
So-Soft Ponies: Angel, Twilight, Crumpet
Twice-as-Fancy Pony: Buttons
Summer Wing Pony: Lady Flutter (China)
Sweetberry Pony: Raspberry Jam (Hong Kong or China variant)
Pony Friends Cha-Cha (llama)
Birthflower Pony: September Morning Glory

Princess of Power (She-Ra):
Shower Power Catra (preferably loose but complete)

Tropi-Gal mommy Flora (orange tail/white hair)
Icy-Gal mommy Coral (dark-skinned/pink fin)
Fancy SeaWees mommy Stormy and baby Bubbles (dark-skinned/yellow fins)

Sunstreak mommy orange/yellow (half-bird)
Unknown name variant with white/blue body centaur (half-horse)
Picture of the variant can be seen at:

Littlest Pet Shop:
Mail offer Charm Bracelet--This had 10 charms of different animals
LPS party supplies, children's dishes/utensils, books, or any unusual merchandising.


Dream Valley--The best MLP ID site!
The SeaWees Lagoon (2 pages, with a link to the Shimmering Forest too)
Mattel Little Pretty toys ID page

Don't use Fed Ex!
(This article was written in October 2005, in response to events directly following hurricane Rita.)

Why? The management team at Federal Express must be comprised entirely of idiots. Their press releases are full of just how much they're helping hurricane victims and donating to charity, etc. However, in practice, they continue to send packages to their Beaumont processing center which THEY KNOW IS NOT FUNCTIONING, to let the packages just SIT THERE. They apparently lack the forethought (even afterthought, since this has been going on for at least a week) to have those packages re-routed to another procesing facility. Now, you may be asking, "Can't they just pack up all the packages already at the Beaumont center, and ship them to, say, the Lufkin center, and then deliver them?" That's what we thought too. WRONG. FedEx says that if the packages leave that building, and they are not going directly to their recipients, then they must be returned to the senders. Huh? You heard me right. Ludicrous, isn't it? Add to that the fact that FedEx will NOT honor its money-back delivery-on-time guarantee on these shipments, and you have a LOT of dissatisfied customers, who have paid (somtimes a lot of) money to get (sometimes desperately needed) packages that FedEx has decided, instead, to store in Beaumont for the foreseeable future. Boo! Poor form, people! Don't use FedEx, just don't. They care about people when it gets them a headline and a pat on the back, but they are doing exactly ~squat~ for their customers who happen to be serviced by their Beaumont processing center (maybe others too?).

MY MOM is one of those customers. I am not attacking this company randomly. My mom paid a great deal of money to get a certain package sent as quickly as possible. She needs the item contained within ASAP, as it will facilitate life without electricity thanks to hurricane Rita. Instead of re-routing her package through a functioning processing center, FedEx decided that her package wasn't vital to her survival, and they sent it to go hang out with countless others that are sitting in the Beaumont processing center, until such time as they can get the place running again. How long will that be? Nobody knows. All they know is that if you live where my mom lives, your packages are routed through Beaumont, end of story. So my mom must wait. And then, if and when she gets her package, FedEx keeps her sizable shipping fee because the delay "is not their fault." Boo! BOO!

So, don't use FedEx, just don't do it. Their ignorance and unwillingness to put a contingency plan into effect (which, by the way, their website SAYS that they DO) is unacceptable. Stand with us, and NEVER USE FEDEX AGAIN. I know I won't.

Update: my mom received her package after her electricity returned, negating the need for the product it contained. FedEx maintains that she should receive no shipping refund because the delay was "not their fault."

Mail time, mail time, mail time,
Here's the mail, it never fails.
It makes me wanna wag my tail.
When it comes, I wanna wail,

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In Memoriam
The most precious kitty in the world, my sweet
~ ~ ~ Cammy ~ ~ ~
Spring 1987 - Oct. 24, 2002