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02.02.2004, Monday, 2:33pm
Lab and art projects conceptually have finally taken a more concrete form. The lab has become a push to incorporate as a nonprofit company dedicated to recording organisms and archaeological structures found in major bodies of water (i.e. beneath the sea). The name of the company is forth coming. As the artist, Bluewolf, there will be the creation of organic musical sculptures (the word order is arbitrary). It seems that this will be a positive balancing of endless numerical permutations in conjunction with the wispy flow of ebbs and tides.

Simply put, this is the process of fun. The foolish dream made real in the fabric of ideas.

Moving closer to being able to read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs was inspired by a Science channel program on Imhotep. His connection to unsurpassed medical knowledge a thousand years before Hippocrates, the Greek father of modern medicine, definitely fascinates the mind. Click on the word 'Imhotep' for more info on this fascinating priest who has connections to being a good candidate for the priest from Atlantis who helped to transform Egypt. Edgar Cayce in a channeling session spoke of his previous incarnation as a priest who built a "Temple Beautiful". Atlantis is recounted by Cayce as suffering from violent destruction (volcanic ? , earthquake? , nuclear explosion ?). It is my understanding from reading "Atlantis by Edgar Cayce" that this priest landed in Egypt before the building of the pyramids. Cayce further suggests that this priest was instrumental in the idea and their building ...more on this later... This is all very fascinating in going back to the ideas of pyramids and supernatural knowledge and wisdom.

11.13.2003, Thursday, 8:25pm
By placing one's step with determination, it is possible to push forward...

11.10.2003, Monday, 5:04pm
Trying to make a manageable budget for the lab and maintain a plan for putting the lab on a firm footing. Many projects, so little time. Would like to list and link information in the lab for free, following the belief that 200 years in the future, information will not be owned by the few at great expense of the many.

11.09.2003, Sunday, 11:15pm

Today has realized the common cause of individual particles of space dust. Tiny atoms make up what we can see in the known universe of our understanding. How much more is hidden from view.

Feeling more poetic than this personage has in a long time. Perhaps there will be in the following days some general info on plans for ultrasonic holographic imaging techniques and its progress in this lab, as well as some details of underwater archaeological sites with potential for study and recording for above water viewing. Soon...