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We are based in Hardin County, near Ft. Knox.
We have been hunting for about 2 years. My name is Glinda.

We frequent several local establishments
for proof of life after death. The need for proof
is our legacy.

I am a Sensitive from birth.
I can sense changes in the air, changes in
temperature, and can "feel" a non-life presence
when the conditions are right.

All of our photo's are genuine and are not
tampered with in any way except to enlarge
or shrink the size of the original photo's.
We use mainly digital camera's and video.

If you need a place investigated please feel free to
Email Us!

Old Graveyard Near Our Home

Close-Up Orbs

Graveyard By School

"My" Ghost/Tree Orb

My Picture Featured On Haunted Help

Side Orb

Big Vortex

Willard Library


Ghost Sites

Talbot Inn Orb

Your Comments/Remarks

Mystery Picture


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